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Mar 21, 2013 10:15 AM

[Ambleside, Cumbria] Drunken Duck

Probably the best known (although not necessarily the “best”) of the dining pubs in the South Lakes.

There’s a good looking Modern Brit menu for dinner and a much more restricted one for lunch. Which was a shame as we were there for lunch. There were “knife and fork” dishes but, in truth, the sandwiches looked the best bets.

There was a roast pork barmcake. Good solid bread which held its shape. And excellent pork – presumably slow-roasted so that it fell apart, almost as American style “pulled pork”. There was sage and onion stuffing. And a little watercress garnish. And a really good apple sauce – a tad sweeter than I’d make at home but it worked well.

The other sandwich – the American “Reuben” – was on toasted rye bread. Stuffed in between, although not in American portion sizes were salt beef, Emmenthal, sauerkraut and gherkins. A goodly dollop of horseradish cream was served separately in a little bowl. It was ideal for dunking the chips.

Now, I’m not a big fan of the almost ubiquitous “fat chip”. Why can’t places serve chip sized chips? And these were the fattest fat chips I’ve come across. Absolutely enormous. But, what chips!. Perfectly crispy on the outside. Perfectly fluffy inside. Just properly cooked chips – with not a mention that they had been fashionably double or triple fried.

This was the sort of good lunch that reminds you that you want to have lunches much more often.

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  1. On our last trip to the area we stayed right down the road from the Drunken Duck but didn't eat there. So I was anxious to read your report. That Reuben might be cause for another road trip!

    I had very odd chips yesterday in Paris. The shape made me think they had been scooped out of the potato with some strange gadget. They were tasty but nothing as good as what we have here.