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Mar 21, 2013 09:15 AM

Edmonton's Jack's Grill Closes It's Doors - Sign of the Times or ??

Just read the article in today's Edmonton Journal - anyone surprised???

While I've only eaten here a few times, it wasn't one of my favs - found it over priced for one.

Found it interesting the owner blamed the failure on his customer base having homes in the southern US in the winter???

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  1. Have never been there but his rationale for closing the restaurant seems pretty 'lame" to me. As you stated, it was overpriced & maybe the food just wasn`t that good. The previous owner was able to make it successful for a number of years & this owner puts it in the ground in 3?? Hmm!

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    1. re: rancher rick

      I also didn't think too much of where he stated his customer base was dying - didn't think too much of his customers did he??

      1. re: nsstampqueen

        Obviously took in it the wrong direction if they couldn't stay relevant. My meals were always decent there, but not a place I would think of now if visiting. Red Ox Inn is still making it work despite the years its been around. I agree, lame excuse, not taking any responsibility for his roll in it.

    2. I went there for the second and final time last summer. I had no plans to return.

      The food was bland and not what I would expect at that price point. Service was very poor. If he thinks customers are going to places like Corso 32, that is because places like Corso 32 have better food and service.

      1. In comparing the food and prices between Jack's and Red Ox, Jack's doesn't stand a chance IMHO. Maybe that's why nobody showed up.

        1. Wow this is more expensive than charcut in Calgary. No wonder they are closing