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Mar 21, 2013 08:35 AM

City Center - late or early

I have a 7 o'clock curtain at City Center - 2-1/2 hour show. So, i am eating at 5:30 or 10. Is there any place very near by for a light bite - sushi, tapas, small plates?

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  1. I always eat in Benoit after City Center.

    On the whole, it's hardly light. But they have this great and extremely well-priced hors d'oeuvre menu that would actually be what you want.

    1. The Modern Bar Room is two blocks away from City Center. You should be able to walk in and get seated at 5:30 without any wait. The bar at Ma Peche (56th between 5th and 6th) might also work.

      1. Bar Room at the Modern is a great idea. They get you in and out fairly quickly and they know that a lot of people eat there before going to City Center. IIRC our host confirmed our curtain time when we were being seated as we did a pre-theatre meal there.

        I'd make a reservation, and note that it's pre-theatre. That way they know ahead of time and you don't end up at the lounge tables or banquette, where it's a little less comfortable to eat.

        The bar at Ma Peche might be tough. There aren't a lot of tables in the bar area and sometimes the bar area is pretty crowded.

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          The Bar Room at The Modern is only a great idea for BEFORE.

          It isn't open late enough for after. It closes at, I think, 10:30 -- and they stick to that very strictly. I've never been able to eat there after any mid-town performance.