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Mar 21, 2013 08:25 AM

country ham

anybody know where i could procure a real country ham in the Boston area? I'm talking the real salt cured, smoked kind that is similar to Italian prosciutto in its preparation. Not a smithfield ham or Virginia ham. That refers to the curing style, a wet cure as opposed to a dry cure process that the country ham uses. Thanx!!

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  1. I've ordered through Benton's online in addition to bacon, but that was in smaller quantity, quite tasty but pretty pricey

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      I'm a Benton's girl myself and find it worth ordering - NY Times, wednesday's edition, ran a story on ham you might find other leads for. I haven't found a local NE smokehouse that cures like Benton's (remember that they will be extremely salty - I prefer to order them deboned and I soak them for several days, changing the water, the last day in cider).

      1. Smithfield is a dry cured ham salted and hung in a sack.
        Pepper added. You can get it at Lord Jeffs Meat Market in Bostons whole sale area by Boston Fire HQ in New Market SQ

        I get it all the time. You can order from too

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          Lord Jeff's is the best for convenience, they always have country ham and will cut to order, as well as sell whole hams (and yes its Smithfield or another larger provisions supplier). Savenor's and maybe Formaggio do offer whole "artisan" country hams by order around this time of year, but I think mail ordering makes a lot of sense in this case.

          Its dry-cured, but not country ham (paprika, garlic, and maybe red wine as part of the cure give it away), but you can also get locally made Portuguese presunto (cru). This time of year you can walk in and buy one at Courthouse seafood, but they can order them year round (probably Thursday delivery, so order by Tuesday). The supplier is from Central MA (Ludlow or Chicopee). We can also get La Quercia products and Danielle in RI does some nicer dry cured prosciutto under their Vlado's brand. And Columbus has some decent dry cured products like their coppa distributed locally. So lots of US variants of old world styles, not just country ham, but we have that

        2. I found some Broadbent's products (bacon and I think packaged country ham slices) at Pemberton Farms in Cambridge; not sure if they would have whole hams though.