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Mar 21, 2013 07:55 AM

Baltimore Area CSA

I'm looking for a CSA to join for this summer. There are a few old threads on this subject, but I'm always hesitant to rely on old information. Anybody have any suggestions? I live in Mt Washington, so Baltimore farmers market, or Waverly farmers market are great options for pick up, or anywhere local.

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  1. We have done two CSAs in years' past:

    Calvert's Gift Farm: Dont' know local pick-up locations. Very friendly, has a great family feel. If picking up at the farm, you can pick flowers and blackberries (when available) at no extra charge. They also have cage-free chickens with eggs for sale. Quality of produce was high.

    One Straw Farm: Stevenson location was convenient for us, don't know other locations. Was very satisfied with quality of produce as well.

    1. Real Food Farms in Baltimore City. I believe they have a pick up at Waverly market. Great food with a really great cause behind it- educational and providing fresh food to urban areas. Check it out

      1. Just wanted to follow up on this. We ended up going with One Straw Farm and have been very satisfied.

        1. The original comment has been removed