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Mar 21, 2013 07:55 AM

Baltimore Area CSA

I'm looking for a CSA to join for this summer. There are a few old threads on this subject, but I'm always hesitant to rely on old information. Anybody have any suggestions? I live in Mt Washington, so Baltimore farmers market, or Waverly farmers market are great options for pick up, or anywhere local.

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  1. We have done two CSAs in years' past:

    Calvert's Gift Farm: Dont' know local pick-up locations. Very friendly, has a great family feel. If picking up at the farm, you can pick flowers and blackberries (when available) at no extra charge. They also have cage-free chickens with eggs for sale. Quality of produce was high.

    One Straw Farm: Stevenson location was convenient for us, don't know other locations. Was very satisfied with quality of produce as well.

    1. Real Food Farms in Baltimore City. I believe they have a pick up at Waverly market. Great food with a really great cause behind it- educational and providing fresh food to urban areas. Check it out http://www.realfoodfarm.org/

      1. Just wanted to follow up on this. We ended up going with One Straw Farm and have been very satisfied.

        1. The original comment has been removed