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Mar 21, 2013 07:48 AM

need Lincoln Square upscale lounge (ideally rooftop)

I'm hosting bachelorette party at Chopping block (Lincoln & Lawrence) and want to head to near by bar after but everything in the neighborhood looks like sports bar/Irish pub variety not great for dressed up gals & martinis. I don't live in Chicago, any recs greatly appreciated.

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  1. The only rooftop spot I can think of at the moment is at Fountainhead, just under a mile away. The general atmosphere is pub-like, but it's definitely more upscale than most other pubs (Irish, faux-Irish, etc) I've seen in the city. I don't know when the rooftop bar opens for the season, however.
    1970 W Montrose Ave

    1. Hopefully someone here can help, but you might also ask the folks at the Chopping Block; I'm sure they're familiar with nearby places that would be suitable.

      1. No rooftop but Tiny Lounge fits the bill perfectly, otherwise.
        at the intersection of Montrose and Lincoln Ave.

        4352 N Leavitt St
        Chicago, IL 60618
        (773) 463-0396

        There aren't a whole lot of rooftop bars in Chicago, generally, and even less so as you move away from downtown and other really active areas.

        1. When are you coming in? How many women? Rooftops/outdoor seating has often limited seating so you may want to arrange something ahead of time to make sure your group can sit all together.

          The Fountainhead is a great idea. It is a longish walk/quick cab ride away.

          Tiny Lounge is another idea. They don't have a rooftop but they do have outdoor seating. It is a small space though. It is on the corner of Lincoln and Montrose about 5 blocks away from the Chopping Block.

          Fork might work too. Again, no rooftop but it does have outdoor seating. Also in the nice weather they open up the huge windows so it feels like you are outside. I love their wine flights and cheese flights. This is down the street from the Chopping Block. Maybe 2 or 3 blocks.

          I live in the neighborhood so if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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            thanks so much. the party is first Friday in May so hopefully nice weather. About 15 girls so not too big. I'll check out fork and book ahead. Would it make sense to go back downtown? the Wit hotel looks like a great rooftop but not sure how long it wld take us to get there. the out-of-towners are staying down town but the rest live North. very helpful!

            1. re: LisatB

              >> Would it make sense to go back downtown?

              I think an outdoor patio in the immediate vicinity of the Chopping Block (such as Fork's) is a much better way to go, rather than sending everyone back downtown, requiring locals to re-park cars, etc.

              1. re: LisatB

                Be aware that the average nighttime temperature for May 1st in Chicago is 56 degrees. Any wind makes a rooftop not especially pleasant. Might be good to have a backup plan.

                1. re: camusman

                  Most of the rooftop bars have heaters of some sort available, to alleviate any nighttime cold. As do some of the outdoor patios.

                2. re: LisatB

                  The Wit does have a great rooftop and it is heated. It is a very fun atmosphere and much more "bachelorette" party. I was there for a b'lette party a year or so ago. I've also been to the Vertigo Sky Lounge and that has incredible views and is very fun. It can get kind of clubby.


                  It all depends on what you and your group wants. The Lincoln Square area is awesome (biased here) but it isn't a bar-hopping/martini drinking area. It is more of a sit-down restaurant/belly up to the bar and spend hours with your friends area.

                  Personally, I would do both. Make reservations at the Tiny Lounge or Fork. Both have small plates to share to get a good base in. Have some fun drinks at prices that will be a bit cheaper than the Wit. Spend some time at a place with the bride where you don't have to yell to be heard. Then get cabs and head back downtown for fancy drinks and dancing at one of the rooftop lounges. The ones who live in the city will know what to do with their cars. It'll take 20 minutes or so to get downtown.

                  Have fun!! Hopefully we'll get hit with a glorious warm spell in early May!