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Mar 21, 2013 07:46 AM

Tujague's to become another t-shirt shop

According to Poppy Tooker, who spoke to Mark Latter (heir of Tujague's owner)....

His uncle, Stanford is selling the building to T-shirt operator Mike Matawami. The bar will become a fried chicken joint and the restaurant will become a T-shirt shop. Stanford owns the building - Steven Latter's heirs own Tujagues. Apparently, Matawami will pay 5.2 million for the building.

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  1. Ah, fried chicken Bonne Femme..I can hardly wait. And I like the novelty of a t-shirt shop--we need more of those. I will stop by and pick up something 'smart" to wear to Commander's or Antoine's next trip/

    1. Well that didn't take long to see what the family was going to do after SL's death! Good for their pocketbooks, bad for the dining scene and broader New Orleans culture.

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        Slightly inaccurate to attribute this to the "family." It is Steve's brother, Stanford, who is spitting on Steven's grave. Steven's son, Mark, is and wants to continue (in this location) running the restaurant.

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          Someone with more computer saavy than me (read "anyone") can put up links but I understand there is a great deal of Social Network palaver on this..Facebook et alia. "Vote With Your Fork" is the rallying cry. I am sympathetic--I practically cry daily passing the graves of restaurants, clothing stores, department stores--but I wonder if the the $5 million in hand is not worth more to Stanford Latter than the rent or a cut of the take. Steven always like to hold court down there but I don't think his brother ever cottoned to that role. If they DO save it I would love to see some upgrading. There are lots of providers and cooks out there who'd love to have a whack at it.

          1. re: hazelhurst

            You think he'd realize the value of the building plus the restaurants name/reputation/brand would be worth more as a package than simply selling the building. Maybe a deep pocketed investor would perform a rescue, a la Emerils Delmonico. Or is the whole thing a publicity ploy to get someone/group interested in doing just that? Hell, if John Georges will buy a newspaper at an inflated price, maybe he wants another antique restaurant.

      2. Can you provide a link or anything? I'm not doubting you, I just haven't seen this reported as fact anyplace yet.

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            But doesn't the FQ need another t-shirt shop?

            Thank goodness that I have the memories and even a ceramic likeness of Tujague's. I will not be buying the t-shirt though.


        1. it's true Mike Motwani and his son Lenny run many of the t-shirt shops, but god i hope this is a vicious rumor...that restaurant just has too much history and icon power to decompose into another junk shop full of chinese-made crap for fat tourists.

          please just be a rumor...

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          1. re: kibbles

            How true. This isn't just any restaurant that shutters and is replaced with another restaurant or becomes another business. This is on par with Antoine's closing, Brunings being decimated and not replaced. And like you, I sure hope this isn't a quick buck for the heir(s) with no thought to the landscape ramifications.

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              No, not the heirs. It is Steve's BROTHER, not his SON, who owns the building. Mark has been committed to continuing the family business. I can only hope he has the chance to do so.

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                Thanks for the correction. But that is worse! His brother should know better, I'd expect that from someone much younger.

          2. I drove by Friday at about 2:30 PM and people were in the doorway. It looked like a full house while usually at that time in the afternoon there is no crowd.