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Mar 18, 2013 09:04 AM

Dining near Amherst College

(Note: This discussion was split from a question about dining during a whirlwind college tour at: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/894639


Pure speculation, but based on the caliber of schools I'm guessing you mean Amherst College and not UMass Amherst. If memory serves me correctly, Amherst College is much closer to the town. I know there's a serviceable red sauce Italian place in Amherst but the name escapes me at the moment.

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  1. Are you thinking of Pinocchio's? I heard that they were closed/relocated.

    1. You're right, mkfisher. it is Amherst College that we're visiting.

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        Another suggestion for a quick cheap lunch while visiting Amherst is sandwiches at Atkins Farms (about 6 min drive from the college). It's a farm stand/grocery store, but they have a small eating area. I also think that it's pretty cool that they put together care packages for students.


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          Also, Joe's Cafe in Northampton for amazing pizza. Hasn't changed in 70 years! Thin, crispy, charred crusts....mmmm..One of my all time favorite spots

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            In addition to the suggestions you have, try the food court at the Waltham Indian Grocery on Moody, breakfast in Waltham at Joseph's or In a Pickle, Dominick's Italian in Waltham for great sandwiches, B & D Smokehouse on your way up or back from Amherst for the best barbecue in NE, Alive 'n Kickin in Cambridge for inexpensive lobster and seafood, Court House Fish in Cambridge, ditto, and Angela's in East Boston near the airport for great Mexican. Second Family Restaurant in Brookline for lunch or dinner, very good Turkish food in very large quantities (we normally split a main and a salad and can't finish that). Food Court at super 88 Market in Brighton near BU for lots of inexpensive varied Asian choices from Vietnamese to Korean. Lot's of choices - have fun and good luck with the college rounds.

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              These places are not near Amherst. Waltham is a suburb of Boston, Amherst is in the Pioneer Valley near the Conn. River.

      2. Johnny's is very decent pub food in Amherst.

        1. If you like Mediterranean/Persian food, try Moti's, which is a short way up Pleasant Street from the Commons and a 5-6 minute walk from the AC Campus.

          1. Living in Amherst and affiliated with the College, here's what I would recommend: 1) The Lumber Yard: just a 10 min. walk down Main St, lovely atmosphere, excellent food!, the owners also have a place in Nantucket they run in the summer; 2) Chez Albert: in the heart of downtown, a block down from Henion Bakery (another good spot), parking in back, good classic french food; 3) Moti: casual and less expensive, wonderful wraps that I usually pair with persian salad, it's my favorite lunch spot. Enjoy!

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              I have had two horrible meals at the Lumberyard. I feel like the emperor has no clothes.

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                Thanks to all for contributing to this discussion. We are back from our trip and wanted to let you know that we decided to take the suggestion to eat at Atkins Farm. The sandwiches were great, the people were friendly and helpful and the store is beautiful. Thanks again!

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                  We were thinking of going there for dinner. Their website looked nice, and I won a $25 gift certificate from a local race. What did you not like about it? "Horrible" meal sounds kind of scary!

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                    horrible means raw chicken and entrees that came literally 25 minutes apart, gloppy sauces drowning tough meat.