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Mar 21, 2013 06:51 AM

Sparkling Wine Cocktails

We want to do some sparkling wine cocktails for a brunch-time party. I thought I would throw this open to see if anyone has any suggestions.

What is a good wine to use? I was thinking Gruet for an inexpensive sparkler in the style of a Brut Champagne. Perhaps it depends on the drink? I'm pretty sure I've used Prosecco in the past and it turned out OK. I also know that some bars I've been to used crappy sparkling wine that killed the cocktails they put it in.

Any drink suggestions? I love Bellinis, but they are so good when made with a perfectly ripe white peach, so I am not sure using frozen puree is worth it. A simple St. Germain and Champagne usually goes over well, or the French 75 or 77 for those who want something stronger. I might try a Mimosa with fresh-squeezed O.J. but it's never really been my favorite. I've also never been quite able to get behind the Seelbach even though it sounds good in theory. I like the Old Cuban a lot, and it's very accessible, so might go for that.

I'm sure there's others I'm forgetting as I always see drinks that call for sparkling wine and say to myself, maybe I'll make that when I have a bottle of sparkling wine open, which ends up being basically never.

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  1. I haven't had all that many sparlking wine cocktails, but I did quite like Aperol spritzers I made with Prosecco, from the recipe on the bottle - 1.5 oz Aperol, 2 oz sparkling dry wine, splash soda, ice cubes and a slice of orange.

    1. a mimosa is always good -- or the classic standby, a Kir Royale (bubbly with a splash of cassis liqueur - other fruit liqueurs are wonderful, too)

      1. Hmm, since you posted in spirits, Ramos gin fizz? Has no wine, though.

        1. Lots of great ideas on the same topic:

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          1. I'm a big fan of all the drinks you mention, but since it's for a party, a punch that features sparkling wine might be more manageable and leave you more time with your guests. This one was well liked at a recent event, and looked pretty (we made an ice ring for it by freezing a bundt pan filled with water, the mint and pomegranate seeds):


            This one has also been a crowd favorite:


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              If it's possible, use pomegranate (or some other juice that plays well with the other ingredients) -- as the ice ring melts, it will water the punch down pretty radically.

              Flat, watery punch isn't any fun.