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Sparkling Wine Cocktails

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We want to do some sparkling wine cocktails for a brunch-time party. I thought I would throw this open to see if anyone has any suggestions.

What is a good wine to use? I was thinking Gruet for an inexpensive sparkler in the style of a Brut Champagne. Perhaps it depends on the drink? I'm pretty sure I've used Prosecco in the past and it turned out OK. I also know that some bars I've been to used crappy sparkling wine that killed the cocktails they put it in.

Any drink suggestions? I love Bellinis, but they are so good when made with a perfectly ripe white peach, so I am not sure using frozen puree is worth it. A simple St. Germain and Champagne usually goes over well, or the French 75 or 77 for those who want something stronger. I might try a Mimosa with fresh-squeezed O.J. but it's never really been my favorite. I've also never been quite able to get behind the Seelbach even though it sounds good in theory. I like the Old Cuban a lot, and it's very accessible, so might go for that.

I'm sure there's others I'm forgetting as I always see drinks that call for sparkling wine and say to myself, maybe I'll make that when I have a bottle of sparkling wine open, which ends up being basically never.

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  1. I haven't had all that many sparlking wine cocktails, but I did quite like Aperol spritzers I made with Prosecco, from the recipe on the bottle - 1.5 oz Aperol, 2 oz sparkling dry wine, splash soda, ice cubes and a slice of orange.

    1. a mimosa is always good -- or the classic standby, a Kir Royale (bubbly with a splash of cassis liqueur - other fruit liqueurs are wonderful, too)

      1. Hmm, since you posted in spirits, Ramos gin fizz? Has no wine, though.

        1. Lots of great ideas on the same topic:

          www.kindredcocktails.com | Craft + Collect + Concoct + Categorize + Community

          1. I'm a big fan of all the drinks you mention, but since it's for a party, a punch that features sparkling wine might be more manageable and leave you more time with your guests. This one was well liked at a recent event, and looked pretty (we made an ice ring for it by freezing a bundt pan filled with water, the mint and pomegranate seeds):


            This one has also been a crowd favorite:


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              If it's possible, use pomegranate (or some other juice that plays well with the other ingredients) -- as the ice ring melts, it will water the punch down pretty radically.

              Flat, watery punch isn't any fun.

            2. ...oh, and Gruet is what I almost always use for cocktails.

              1. To answer my own question, the Crimean Cup a la Marmora sounds quite interesting, and as I already have all the ingredients, there is a good chance I will give it a go.

                The Airmail sounds like another winner.

                I am with you on the punch suggestion curseofleisure, but this is going to be an intimate affair and not everyone drinks at brunch, so in this case it may actually be better to make the drinks to order or let people pour their own champagne + juice or liqueur combos.

                Oh yeah, I also enjoy Aperol Spritzes. So a Negroni Sbagliato may be another one I try out.

                Thanks for the ideas everyone.

                1. I also agree with a Kir Royale, elegant duriong the day as well as at night. A French 75 is surely appropriate for those wanting a little more bang in their bubbles.

                  Pun fully intended:-)