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Buckwheat pancakes in CT?

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A friend of mine is looking for a place in CT that serves buckwheat pancakes. Anyone know of any places? Thanks!

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  1. I wish I did, seems that buckwheat has been replaced by whole wheat pancakes at places such as Chip's

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      Ya, he tried Chips too.

    2. I believe Grace's restaurant on Meriden-Waterbury Rd. (Rte 322) in Southington serves buckwheat pancakes.

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        they are listed on Grace's on line menu


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          Odd website - breakfast & lunch menus, but no address / directions.


      2. Christy's in Westbrook, is reknowned for its pancakes. They have almost 40 varieties listed on the menu but I can't remember if buckwheat is one of the varieties.

        1. George's Diner on Elm Street in West Haven has them.

          1. O'Rourke's Diner in Middletown, CT has buckwheat pancakes on the menu.