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Mar 21, 2013 06:20 AM

New product, Cool Whip Frostings

While I'm a from scratch whipped cream lover for my favorite strawberry shortcakes, this new product had me curious for friends who adore Cool Whip cakes and pies.

Has any Cool Whip fans out there tried the new Cool Whip frosting?

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  1. I'm curious of the consistency of the stuff. Is the chocolate one a chocolate-flavored cool whip or something thicker? I feel like a while back I saw chocolate cool whip, but I could be totally wrong.

    I don't ever use store-bought frostings, but if this is more of a flavored cool whip, I might be willing to try it in an ice box cake (or maybe even some kind of trifle).

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    1. re: jbsiegel

      jbs, I bought the chocolate to see for myself. It is milk chocolate flavored Cool Whip. A very spreadable, thick pudding like consistency. If you wanted to whip up cupcakes or a basic chocolate cake and ice them with whipped cream that was stable, this would def work, even in transport (as long as it was cold).

      I'm going to see what happens when I freeze a batch of cupcakes, iced with the chocolate Cool Whip. This might be a fundraisers dream come true!

      1. re: HillJ

        OK...I'm going to have to try it in that chocolate wafer ice box cake.

        1. re: jbsiegel

          Funny you should mention the wafer icebox cake, because my son's pal brought that up last night while we were all shopping together. And pudding cake with the graham crackers between the layers would def be enhanced with the addition of Cool Whip flavors btwn the layers.

        2. re: HillJ

          I just tried the cream cheese flavored Cool Whip frosting. I certainly would not characterize the consistency as thick or pudding-like. It is barely thicker than regular Cool Whip, and certainly much lighter/airier than the ready-made Pillsbury/Betty Crocker/Duncan Hines frostings in the plastic tubular tubs next to the boxed cake mixes.

          Though it was cream-COLORED, I honestly couldn't detect any cream cheese flavor. But it was tasty, easy to spread, and pleasant in texture. People who ate the lemon-coconut cupcakes I brought to a meeting liked it, and asked what it was. In its frozen state, it is not all that hard. The remaining cupcakes sat at room temp for 3 hours without spreading or running.

          1. re: greygarious

            Interesting, gg. I haven't tried the cream cheese flavor, that one didn't appeal to me. I've never used canned Pills or BC frosting so I have no comparison there. My comparison was somewhere btwn a fresh whipped cream frosting and premade whipped instant pudding. When we made cupcakes, using the CWF and froze them they held up beautifully and defrosted during transport. Our sitting around time was well under 3 hours but it's very helpful to know they lasted that long for you.

            Thanks for weighing in!

        3. re: jbsiegel

          Yes, there is - or was - a chocolate-flavored Cool Whip. I bought it once. It was okay, but light in flavor, color, and texture. It sounds like this new product might be a re-jiggered, relabeled version. I have not seen it yet, but assume the ingredient lists reads like a science project.

        4. Wonder how it compares to pastry pride. I've never used that but know of some "bakers" that do, granted its not ready to use, you have to whip it.

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          1. re: youareabunny

            I gave the Cool Whip product a try and the kids (6-12) loved it. I used it on cupcakes that I needed for an outdoor venue. The icing held up to the cool weather day beautifully. Would I use it in place of fresh whipped cream icing or a more elaborate occasion, no. But for the purpose of a freshly prepared easy snack for kids, worked out well.

          2. Yes, I loved it. It is nice and creamy and smooth. It is not like cool whip at all. I put it on my red velvet cake and my son thought it was the best 'homemade' frosting ever. Safeway had it here for a while but I cannot seem to find it anywhere now. I asked the manager at Safeway to get some more in and he was condescending....thinking, 'This lady is all confused. There is no Cool Whip frosting." He keeps saying he cannot get it. If I ever see it again, that is all I ever plan to use.

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            1. re: Djpfarmgirl

              I think it may no longer be made. The store I used to get it at stopped carrying it a year ago and a few months ago I saw containers in another store, marked down for discontinuation.

              1. re: greygarious

                In theory its still being made and has limited distribution. You can search for it using their product locator.


                You'll want Category - Frozen Desserts - Brand Cool Whip and then the flavor plus your zip and how far you're willing to go.

                1. re: greygarious

                  I've still been able to find it at a couple stores in my area. I think I got at either Fred Meyer or Winco just before Thanksgiving.

              2. I love the new cool whip frostings but very disappointed because they are "only seasonal"? I bake year around and would love to be able to buy more often. I stocked up on the vanilla and chocolate but could not find any cream cheese frostings to buy when doing this. Very disappointed. Any suggestions besides "make your own!".

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                1. re: Beckerlouise

                  Did you try the link Ariadanz posted upthread last month?

                2. it is the best since cool whip for cakes; delicious and not so sweet
                  I have been using it and it is a hit