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On Tap Philly in the old Finn McCools in Ambler

Just heard that On Tap Philly is going into the Finn McCool building on Butler Pk. in Ambler. 24 rotating tap system with a focus on healthy and fresh bar food along with an outdoor patio. I am very excited about this!! Anybody else have any news on this?

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  1. Rumor has them opening mid to late April. I read an article yesterday. It really is good news!

    1. Seems to be opening alot faster than the old Shanachie. Any word on when that new restaurant will be opening?

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      1. That sounds awesome! I'm getting pumped about the new restaurant in montgomeryville where Friendlys used to be as well. They are making fast progress.

        1. I saw this, but didn't see the part about healthy and fresh bar food. I can't wait to try it out. :)

          1. I am now hearing it is the same owner as Finn McCools so I am not sure how different it will be.

            1. It is not the same owner as FM, who was tragically murdered in his home.

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                Thats right I forgot about that! On their facebook page they are somehow connected to the Finn McCools page and FM seems to be promoting the new restaurant. I wonder what the connection is?

                1. What is On Tap Philly? I found this article: http://montcoresource.com/2013/03/20/... and their facebook page, but its unclear who or what On Tap Philly is? Are they just the two partners? Do they have other locations?

                  1. I'm tentatively excited for this. Ambler would really benefit from a place with good healthy food and some good taps. My only concern is that in this article, the owners use the phrase "farm to table" which is usually code for $30 entrees. Dettera, the place across the street, tried that and it didn't go so well.

                    1. Yet another name change, On Tap Philly will now be 34 East Tavern. I saw some sample menus on their facebook page, so far it looks pretty promising but not sure what happened with the last minute name change. i really hope that it is more of a food focused restaurant (that happens to have a great beer selection. The last thing we need in Ambler is another bar (that happens to serve food).

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                        The sample menus werer prior to the name change, so I'm not sure if they're still valid. And they dropped the # of taps from 72 to 24. Given all of the shuffling, I don't have high hopes for this place, but I'll definitely be giving them a shot. I do think that 34 East is too similar of a name to Bar 31. At least with this place and The Lucky Well opening soon, we should have some new places to try,

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                          Oh darn, that is not a good sign. I was thinking the same thing about their name too. I will definitely be trying them out as well, hopefully they will exceed my expectations (which are now slightly lower)!