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Mar 21, 2013 06:08 AM

good restaurants on Smith Street, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Does anyone have recommendations for a good restaurant on (or close to)
Smith Street in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn that is easily accessible by subway from Manhattan? Nice but not outrageously expensive..or too loud to hear conversations on a Thursday night?

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    1. re: bnowell

      Not sure what OP's idea of "not outrageously expensive is" but Battersby can get to be rather expensive, wife & I fairly easily broke $100 there. Same will go for Colonie and Saul, which are 2 of the other top restaurants that most people recommend for the neighborhood.

      To stick under $100 with app/entrees/glass of wine or beer, I'd recommend Hunter's, Hibino, Chez Moi, Seersucker, Char No. 4, Sottocasa, Mile End or Fragole.

      1. re: fishermb

        lol second you on Battersby!!!!

        Plus if you are looking for convenience that is NOT the place - it has only a handful of tables, reservations are strictly for those who want to do the $$$$$ tasting menu $$$$$, and if you want to get a spot without a reservation, it will probably be at the bar, and you will probably have to wait a WHILE for it, unless you get really lucky.

    2. Check the menus to see if the prices seem okay for your budget, but my top recommendations are Brucie (Court street) and Take Root (Sacket Street between Henry and Hicks). We love both places, and both make most items (nearly all in the case of Take Root) items in house. Take Root is tiny - as in one table that you share. I also love Lucali, but would recommend calling when you get off the train to put your name down and grabbing a drink nearby while you wait for a table (assuming there is a wait).

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      1. re: Olive123

        I haven't been to Brucie in a while - as the dishes seemed to get smaller, more expensive, and even more butterier/salty if at all possible - but my experiences there for Thursday-Saturday dining were not very "quiet"

        1. re: fishermb

          We have never had a problem with the noise at Brucie during dinner - I do hate to shout over a meal. Perhaps just a function of what time we happened to be there? I haven't noticed the portion sizes changing either, or salt issues. I haven't had Brucie food in a few months, though, so maybe it is a recent change?

          1. re: Olive123

            brucie is a restaurant that i always want to like but always leave unimpressed. the dishes sound good on paper but more often than not end up not tasting all that good (except for the pasta with brussel sprouts and tomato butter, which is great). and it ends up being expensive for not a lot of food. we have the same issue with Arthur on Smith.

            on smith street, close to subway, and not outrageously expensive: i'd go with char no. 4 or seersucker.

            1. re: jon

              I haven't been to Brucie in about a year, mostly because we moved to Park Slope. I *liked* it, but it was never true love for me. Their food always felt improvisational to me. Some dishes were very good, but there were more clunkers than winners. Again--haven't been there since early in 2012.

              I've always been partial to Bar Tabac. I'd take Seersucker over Char No. 4, but they're comparable, and both are good.

              How about Frankies 457, way down on Court? The OP doesn't specify what constitutes Outrageously Expensive. Maybe Prime Meats or Buttermilk Channel would work?

              1. re: egit

                I don't know if it's just me, but lately I've become a bit tired of Frankies 457. It seems like every year they repeat roughly the same seasonal dishes, and yes some can be very good, but I've been a bit bored there lately. If OP has never been there before, it certainly would be a good recommendation, although it is fairly far down Court as egit suggests, so if you were planning to arrive through Borough Hall subway stop, it's a bit of a walk.

        2. re: Olive123

          Great call on Take Root! That place is freaking awesome.

          ... Van Horn on Court is one of the most affordable/reliable restaurants I go to.

          1. re: HungryWino

            So glad you made it to Take Root! Really my new neighborhood favorite.

          2. re: Olive123

            Take Root--I just checked the web site--appears to have one dining option for dinner, an $85 tasting menu serve at 8 p.m. Yikes. Could that possibly be worth it?

            1. re: gnosh

              We thought it was entirely worth it! It was 5 courses, I believe, in an intimate setting. Very high quality food and service, prepare with such skill. It was just so much better than almost every $25-35/entree place we have been to in literally years. It was better than the last few special occasion dinners we have had, including Bouley at a far higher price point. We live so close, which also has an appeal to us, but I think it is such a gem that I have recommended it to friends who live much farther than a couple of blocks away! We shared a meal with a couple from L.I. and they were very impressed. If you try it, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

          3. Jolie!
            Their mussels are addictive,
            the appetizers are great,
            The Stinky cheese plate is always nice,
            I've not had the burger but it looks incredible...
            The service is excellent, which is so important to me. And I have it on good authority that they shut down every Monday and DEEP CLEAN THE ENTIRE RESTAURANT, which is, frankly, amazing. Not just clean like you do at the end of every day, but deep deep clean.
            What else can I say...
            Oh yeah they serve chilled gamay, which not enough places do, and it's so nice in the summer! I'm devoted to wine, but not a fan of white.

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            1. re: treestonerivershrub

              mussels, carnitas, margaritas all good, fries limp (not good). staff friendly and attentive. room inside a bit warm (no fans), but otherwise good. recommended.

            2. Really the best thing you can do is walk around and check places out...There are a bunch of cute places in between the Bergen and Carroll F train, but it totally depends if they will be crowded or not.
              Besides Jolie, definitely peek in Arthur. Great food but it is SUPER tiny and can feel crowded easily.
              Clover Club has incredible food, and of course cocktails! While it is more small plate type stuff, I feel like I should mention it, because it is that good.

              1. I ate at Kittery on Smith St, this weekend, and they did a nice job. Had a $29 dollar bottle of zippy white Rioja, score, and the pound and a half lobster was only $26 (MP) and included 2 sides, which were correctly cooked and seasoned. Table of 6, everyone happy with the food.

                Lavender Lake's food WAY over delivers, and they have one of my favorite Rose wines. Got a few bottles and kicked it in their back yard in an adirondack chair, didn't spend much dough.

                Jarro on Bergen has gone through some chef shuffles, and I think the food has improved dramatically. Was in for brunch this weekend. Both my lady and I loved our dishes, burger and french fries for her, eggs bene and home fries for me... not joking, I don't usually nerd out for humble things like home fries, but these were dope. Crispy outside, almost creamy inside... The octopus for dinner last time was good too...

                Arthur on Smith and Dassara are both good... Nightingale 9 is supposed to be the new hot thing. Have not been yet. Same owners as Seersucker which is decent...