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Mar 21, 2013 02:44 AM


I eat a lot of yogurt and am quite fussy about it. I have never managed to find here the type I like which is quite easy to find in France,especially in farmers markets but also in good supermarkets. It's somewhat watery but set, with a very thin creamy top layer and is a bit sour.
I have tried to make it, following Nigel Slater's recipe, but ended up with liquid milk with a few thicker patches, and not at all sour.

Tips for making and/or buying please. I live in south London.

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  1. have you tried beilelvaire on montpelier street?

    1. I think you'd get something very similar with turkish youghurt - Gazi brand with 10% fat is pretty good. It's definitely got the set consistency you're looking for, though it may not be quite as sour.

      Any turkish/middle eastern supermarket will sell it to you - are you anywhere near St James Rd and Grange Rd, south of bermondsey tube?

      1. Thanks, Howler, the Montpelier Street shop is a delight. The yogurt isn't quite right but it's very good and though expensive does come in lovely little glass jars.

        Lacemaker, I live in Battersea so not really near Bermondsey but I will try to find a Turkish shop. I do think Middle Eastern ones may hit the spot.

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          you are welcome. did you try the fromage frais? delish.

        2. I'm a bit confused as to what it is you're after - the yoghurt you describe is in someways what I have always found in France - i.e. set, but watery - and this is like the bog-standard plain yoghurt found everywhere in the UK. But I've never found French yoghurt with a creamy top layer. And it's difficult to find Turkish-type yoghurt in France.

          I have found yoghurt with a slightly yellower top layer and a sour taste in British middle eastern shops though - the one I'm thinking of was Lebanese I think. Not sure I'd describe it as watery though!

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            I'm curious about the "watery" - something I've never noticed in either supermarket yoghurt or the versions I buy from Middle Eastern/South Asian shops. Liquid, certainly (if it's not Greek, or Greek style, yoghurt) but not watery.

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              The watery one I was describing is available everywhere in Liverpool - it's made by Dale Farm, which is local - so, as I've spent all of my adult life here, I may be wrong and it might not available elsewhere. When you open it, there is usually a bit of watery looking liquid on the top of a pretty solid looking (but actually low fat and thin tasting) yoghurt. It isn't very nice to eat as it is, as it isn't creamy at all, but it's great for making curries with and making curry pastes.

              Another I've been getting more recently is made by Lancashire Farm (live whole milk natural yoghurt - so more creamy than the other one). And it's not really "set". So it's more liquid, but not watery!

              We'll get to the bottom of it, even if it kills me ...

              1. re: Theresa

                Lancashire Farm is a belter of a yoghurt. It's the one in all my local "ethnic" shops. I think they also do a fully set one, as well

          2. Well, it's hard to describe - more of a curds and whey effect but not quite. I have found a Turkish shop locally so will try there.