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Barely any hot dog vendors in Mississauga

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Was wondering if there is any different rules in the city of mississauga, I don't see hot dog vendors around squareone or any other places besides some canadian tires is there a reason for this?

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  1. Dunno but you might check the Sq 1 "Farmers" market when it re-opens in late May. There are a few scattered along Dixie and Tomken N of Eglinton. I'd guess restrictive licensing and/or the obvious problem of setting up on private property. The lunch rush around Heartland would be a goldmine for a truck doing something other than dogs. Problem is--where?

    1. The problem probably is that there is very little foot traffic in Mississauga. If you look at where the vendors are in Toronto, they are mostly downtown and midtown where there is sufficient pedestrian traffic. There are some vendors in Toronto that setup outside of high schools where there is a large lunchtime crowd, but they are few and far between.

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        Food trucks in LA use websites and social media to announce where they'll be. Who needs foot traffic when customers drive to you? Same could work in car-dependent Mississauga.

      2. Most Canadian Tire stores in Mississauga have hot dog carts. The best one is at the Canadian Tire at Dundas and Winston Churchill. You not only get a hot dog but also a nice sized piece of sausage

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          Street meat from those malodorous shacks is just plain bad. Sorry but none I've tried were worth the health risk. Too many other non-chain fast food options around.

        2. Yes. Mississauga has a very, very strict bylaw that is strongly enforced. http://www.mississauga.ca/portal/busi... There's almost no where that a business can legally sell food. Even at the parks like Jack Darling there is a designated spot where one truck can park and that's it.

          1. @BetCrooks I am blown away at that it's like they want zero competition for restaurants , there is no way to even exist as a cart vendor in Mississauga...that sucks someone should fight that big time as long as the place is REALLY clean there should be no problems.

            1. It's not really anti-cart specifically. Mississauga/Hazel is anti-street stuff. So the signage policy is very strict. You will notice almost no billboards etc.

              If you ever look for a gas station or a mall, you will have trouble finding it because there is a policy to have trees along the street and the signs have to be behind that area, etc.

              She doesn't want the city cluttered, noisy or messy. The street food rules are just a small part of the bigger package....

              (Not saying I agree or disagree, just that I've noticed this is "the way it is.")