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Mar 21, 2013 02:34 AM

Jimmy's Kitchen - A nostalgic meal where the waiter once served me over twenty years ago!!

How time flies!! Just like that and I have been in Hong Kong for over 3 weeks!
Yesterday, whilst going on a tour of ' Boyhood landmarks ', I was suddenly overwhemed by nostalgia and decided to go for some ' Old style western food with a Hong Kong twist! '.
Before the era of the Caprice, L'Atelier or On-Lot-10, there were the Amigos,Tai Ping Koon and Jimmy's Kitchen. The latter trio were 'THE' go to place for western food by the locals and, after a few decades, I'm surprised they are still going strong!
Being in TST, my brother and I decided on Jimmy's Kitchen for dinner. I was stunned to recognise a waiter whom I swear looked after me over twenty years ago!!
We ordered the following classics:
- Prawn Cocktail
- Beet and Vegetable Russian Bortsch
- Escargots Bourguignonne
- Braised Oxtail with mushrooms, carrots and red wine, mash potatoes.
- Dry Madras Prawn Curry ( a classic that received rave review and one
dish I was meaning to try for years! )
- Bread and Butter pudding with Vanilla Custard
- Pear and Blue Berry Crumble a la mode.

Though nothing spectacular, however food was surprisingly tasty. Standouts were the fork-tender oxtail and the amazingly good prawn curry. The aromatic and complex seasoning/coating of the latter really complimented the huge crunchy fresh prawns ( at least 9 morsels ).Wish there were something like that in Toronto!!

All in all a satisfying meal that brought back lots of fond memories!!

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  1. Is the new one in Kowloon (1969) better than the original (1928) in Central?

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      No!! HK location has dishes like Beef Wellington and Dutch Steak which the Kowloon branch does not have.

    2. I'm a sucker for nostalgia and retro eats in HK, Charles. I think around the same time 20 years ago when you were dining at Jimmy's Kitchen, I had a chicken curry at Landau's (Jimmy's Kitchen's sister restaurant) in its old Wanchai spot at Sun Hung Kai Centre (the Union Jacks were still flapping in the wind outside). The chutney, pickles and condiments were served in a 'lazy susan' rotating tray. The curry tasted, of course, of powdered Coleman's curry powder :-D