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Mar 20, 2013 11:25 PM

Nihonbashi in June

Will be staying the first 2 nights in Nihonbashi before going to Hokkaido for a week and returning to my familiar area near Meguro. This will be in late June. I'm looking for any recommendations in Nihonbashi area. It can be any type of food. I am not familiar with Nihonbashi. Thanks!

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  1. Check out Sembikiya for fruit and upstairs fruit parlor for prepared parfaits and other prepared treats.
    Adjacent and up 27 stories is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel bar, I like the bar for jazz and ordering snacks from the hotel restaurants, great view as well.
    You are close to two department stores, Mitsukoshi and Takashimaya, both have great food floors as well as upstairs eating choices, really nice architecture as well.
    Check out the Corredo complex for a lot of eating drinking choices.
    You are also close to Marunouchi area that has large multi use buildings, one named Marunouchi, with a lot of eating choices, also under the elevated railway there is a alley of bars is called Marusan Yokocho which is unchanged since the 1950's , look for Yakitori pub Satsumaya.
    Look at for online area maps reviews
    Have fun!

    1. I like Mondo ( ), across the street from the Mandarin Oriental - they serve sake and regional dishes from Shimane Prefecture.

      1. Thank you Robb S. I checked out Mondo and it looks quite good especially their kaisen don. Lots of varieties too. Will certainly try this place.

        Wow, it looks like lots of great ideas and eating places - thank you Smoothiemeister. I have a feeling that Sembikiya is good place to window shop without buying. I will check out the Mandarin Oiental Hotel bar - sounds nice. Marusan Yokocho for Marunouchi 3-chome? I'm not familiar but will go looking for it. I like yakitori, but not horumon yakitori.


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          In addition to what's been written - you'll be pretty close to Ginza and Tokyo Station. So you have tons of choices.

          The "alley of bars" that Smoothiemeister mentioned is interesting. And - IIRC - many of them served food that was grilled on small open grills outside the "bars". Note that these places seemed like places where "regulars" went after work (they all seemed to open in the late afternoon). My husband and I didn't feel comfortable walking into any of them because we're older - I'm a woman (these places seemed to be "men only") - and my husband's Japanese isn't very good. If you're younger - male - and speak Japanese - I'd certainly take a look and visit one that looks good for a drink and a snack before dinner (my guess is if you go later - you'll run into a lot of men who have had too much to drink).

          I don't know about the Mandarin Oriental Hotel bar - but the Four Seasons Marunouchi bar (in that general area) is *very* expensive - and the drinks are *very* small (measured out with surgical precision). It's not like a "friendly" bar in the United States - where the bartender will pour your second drink bigger than your first because he/she hopes for a bigger tip :). Ask the prices before you order so you won't get "sticker shock".

          If you'll be in this area on Saturday/Sunday - note that the main street in Ginza is pedestrians only on those days - and there is a lot going on. Very fun place to walk around. Robyn

          P.S. I took the liberty of looking up your older messages. If you are looking for gin and tonic this trip - just go to any department store basement. On our last trip - I found that the prices were extremely reasonable compared to prices in other countries (Costco may be cheaper - but I doubt I'll be hunting down a Costco near Tokyo to save 200 yen :)).