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Mar 20, 2013 09:34 PM

Cajun or Southern with a Private Room

ISO Cajun or Southern Food with a private room. I'm hosting a book club discussion for a party of 8. A private room works best, but a quiet restaurant corner might do. Location anywhere from Downtown LA to Westside to Encino to Studio City.

The book we are reading is a mystery set in New Orleans and so I'm trying for a dining theme consistent with the book.

Hart and the Hunter at the PaliHotel in West Hollywood with their Creative approach to Southern Cooking would be my first choice. Unfortunately they don't have a private room and are noisy in their dining room. Maybe if the weather warms up, we could eat on their patio where few people eat and so it's quiet.

Any other ideas?


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  1. Harold and Belle's doesn't have a completely private room, but there is an alcove that ought to fit ten or twelve people. It wasn't loud last time I was there, though that was about two years ago.

    1. Dolce Isola is the first restaurant which comes to mind and I think it offers exactly what you are seeking. The down side is it is not open for dinner. The up side is that they have a very private room which serves 10 comfortably. The restaurant offers many of the same dishes as the IVY at a fraction of the cost and is under the same ownership. Lynn Von Kersting, owner is from New Orleans and thus, there is always Cajun food to be found as well as decor.Richard Irving, Lynn's husband is still the great baker. Indeed, most of the great Ivy desserts are made at Dolce Isola. Crabcakes are exactly the same as the Ivy but much less $$. They close early on Saturdays and I believe are closed on Sundays. I have hosted a couple of lunch parties upstairs at Dolce Isola and they have been outstanding. The restaurant is close to Culver City, betweenPico and Venice on Robertson
      Have a problem with the link but I'm sure that you will find the Dolce Isola link on the Ivy website.

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        There are a plethora of reviews on Yelp, most quite good. But I can't see much that makes this place either Cajun or Southern outside of one mention of gumbo and the crab cakes. It seems that the Ivy website is undergoing "retrofitting" so there are no menus to be perused for any of their restaurants at the moment. Dolce seems much more like a breakfast and straight up lunch spot with pastries and sandwiches from what I can see on Yelp and Zagat.

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          The decor is very New Orleans. The room is upstairs and very private and quiet. Too bad the menus aren't listed. Food is excellent.

          1. re: maudies5

            I imagine the OP could ask them to fax or email over a menu to them. Is the menu Cajun/Southern for the most part? Do the make beignets do you know?

              1. re: maudies5

                They look pretty strongly Italian, if that will work for the OP.

                1. re: Servorg

                  How about stopping in there one of these days. Try the gumbo. It's great!

        2. re: maudies5

          Dolce Isola sounds like it's a find. Will definitely try it.

          Doesn't work our book club dinner since they are not open for dinner. Thanks

        3. Anyone have experience with Chef Govind Armstrong at Post & Beam in Baldwin Hills? They seem to have a Southern influenced menu, and have enclosed patio seating which may be somewhat quiter.

          He has also just opened Willie Jane on Abbott Kinney replacing WISC which might be quiet enough on the patio.

          1. Could try Michael's on Olive in Burbank - the menu has a southern bent and I had a very good turkey sandwich there, a year or so ago; don't know if they have a private room, but our ladies group was set off in a fairly secluded area, which was pleasant.