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Mar 20, 2013 08:33 PM

Fresh Lamb or Goat Meat in LA?

I've been thinking about making either a lamb or goat stew. I love both but can't seem to find anywhere that sells these meats fresh and by the pound. So does anyone out there know of a good meat store where I can buy good lamb or goat meat? I'm in the Silverlake area, so preferably your suggestions will be somewhere local. Thanks!

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  1. I have been buying my goat at El Super market on Sherman way in North Hollywood. I am not sure that it has never been frozen, but it makes a good Jamaican goat curry. This market has multiple locations, but I am not sure they all have goat meat. It is sold as "Chivo." As an added bonus, there are excellent Thai restaurants in the area too.

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    1. re: karl6966

      Nice. Love me some Jamaican goat curry.

      Know any places around town that does a good version besides you?

      1. re: Porthos

        We recently discovered Front Page Jamaican Grille in Inglewood and have eaten their food a couple times now. Hubby really liked the goat curry and jerk goat.

        For cooking at home, any hispanic market with a meat counter or halal meat market sells goat by the pound.

        1. re: boogiebaby

          The menu and yelp photos look excellent!

          Which did you prefer, the jerk or the curry goat?

          Thanks for the intel.

          1. re: boogiebaby

            There was this really nice review back in 2009 by deliciouscoma on Front Page:

            1. re: Servorg

              Thanks for the link! That's a pretty mixed thread hopefully due to the dried jerked chicken breast.

              I'll be sure to ask for leg and thigh if I try the jerked chicken.

              Goat and oxtail may be safer.

          2. re: Porthos

            Sattdown in Studio City has a wonderful goat curry. Their oxtail and jerk chicken also are fantastic.

        2. Since the Indian community prefers goat meat, we have been searching for sources and the best one I have found is the unusually named:
          Asian Spot, 8327 Tampa Ave., Northridge, CA 91324
          (818) 709-6328

          There is a restaurant as well, but I have only been to the store for goat meat - they have two cuts - the leg pieces, and the ribs. Both of them are the best in terms of less fat, and flavor, and tenderness - that I have come across.

          1. Latino, Chinese and Indian markets are good about having lamb and goat for sale by the pound. Seek those out and you'll find a lot of choices/options. You'll have to drive north, east or southeast to find it.

            1. I think you are pretty close to McCall's Meat & Fish, 2117 Hillhurst (just below Los Feliz) - IMO, one of the 3 best butchers in LA. Anything you want in lamb, don't know about goat.

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