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Mar 20, 2013 08:28 PM

Does anyone have the March Food and Wine? Desperately need salad recipe.

We went to a friend's tonight. Everything on his menu came from the March issue. Apparently it's a 35 year anniversary and this issue has their 35 best recipes.

We had a beef bolognaise (sp) spaghetti and a chocolate cake with a chocolate coffee frosting. Both very good. But the salad was out of this world. Greens, croutons, avocado, sunflower seeds, carrots roasted with some spices. A light dressing but then something creamy too. The roasted carrots and the avocado were really good with it. And whatever the spices with it made it great.

Does anyone have this issue and is there any way you could paraphrase that recipe for me? We'd make for a gathering this weekend.

(Also, our friend was raving about a lemon chicken recipe from that issue.)

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    1. re: latindancer

      Latindancer - Would you mind telling me who the bolognese recipe is from in that best of issue?

      1. re: EM23

        The only featured recipe for anything that comes close to bolognese in this issue is 'Pasta with Abruzzi-Style Lamb Sauce".
        Marcella Hazan.

        Is there something specific that I might look for? I've thumbed through and this is all I've found.

        1. re: latindancer

          Maybe that is what KaryKat was referring to in her op. That recipe is on their web site, so I don't need it. Thanks very much for checking:)

          1. re: latindancer

            Hmmmm. I'm going to have to check with my friend. Because I don't think it was lamb in his bolognese. But beef.

            Yes, thanks for checking.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. This is definitely it. You are the best! Thanks!

          (I highly recommend this.)

          1. re: karykat

            You are very welcome.

            There are many great recipes in this issue. This salad sounds delicious. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

            1. re: latindancer

              I remember reading this recipe recently and thinking how good it sounded - but oddly, I haven't read a Food and Wine for many months - ??? I'm thinking it may have been an excerpt in the newspaper?

              1. re: sandylc

                I'm not sure about the newspaper.
                It may have been because this issue highlights some of the best recipes of 'the legends'...
                Julia Child
                Marcella Hazan
                Jean-Georges Vongerichten
                Jacques Pepin
                Paula Wolfert

                The recipe for the salad, made by Jamie Oliver, is classified under "20 of the best-ever recipes", as "the best first-course salad".
                It looks fabulous.

                1. re: latindancer

                  YES! The one I saw like this was by Jamie looks so good....

        2. Can't you ask your friend who made the dinner last night for the recipe to send it to you?

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          1. re: LindaWhit

            It's available on the Food & Wine web site.

            1. Moroccan-spiced salads are really tasty. A number of restaurants including California Pizza Kitchen (yes, really) have a Moroccan salad on their menu that is remarkable.