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Mar 20, 2013 07:10 PM

Dinner Thursday after the California Legends tasting

Hey all,

So I've been looking at the "where to eat in Toronto" threads, and at some of the menus / websites etc. Looking for somewhere to eat tomorrow night (Thursday) in the city following the California Legends tasting at the ROM.

Problem is, we both work in restaurants. Between us we have worked at Twisted Lemon, Blacktree, Lord Nelson, Oliver's, Ancaster Mill... so a range of flavours but generally some fairly high quality.

Very rare that we go out for anything other than Thai or Sushi. Do like good BBQ (we have a nice fairly local place called Sweet Smoke which is pretty good most of the time.)

Looked at Khao San Road - like Thai but we get a lot of it. Enoteca Sociale looks nice but I'm not 100% sold. Marben looks interesting, Parts & Labour is checking quite a few boxes... these are all from the websites & posted menus mind you.

Would appreciate a few ideas... thanking you in advance :)

(can't afford Canoe or the like at the moment LOL!)

Would prefer close enough to ROM or general range, will be headed west so anything between there, and west would be great. Open to fun/funky/interesting. Do love really good sushi/Korean/etc.


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  1. Black Hoof would give you high quality but interesting/funky. Guu Annex is not far from the ROM and is a fun and boisterous izakaya.

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      Thanks for the reply!

      So we went to Samuel J Moore, because my boyfriend the sommelier (hence the CA Legends tasting) worked with Alex when she was at the Ancaster Mill. It was good, not spectacular, I think next time I will hold out for Black Hoof or Parts & Labour, or a friend just recommended Skin & Bones, or even Enoteca Sociale. Patrick said he doesn't like the whole crowd thing at Guu.