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Mar 20, 2013 06:55 PM

Will cooked mussels keep overnight?

I made mussels in a white wine/butter/onion/garlic/herb sort of dish tonight. THere are lots leftover. Will they stay good for one night....if I heat them up in the liquid tomorrow for lunch?

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  1. Absolutely!!! Put them in the fridge, covered, overnight. They'll keep for a couple of days at least. When you heat them, if you can, remove the mussels to a separate bowl, heat the sauce, and when hot, put the mussels into the sauce, heat thru and enjoy!!

    1. You should remove them from the shell and then refrigerate.

      1. I agree with Philthy Ray, remove them from the shells, but they'll be fine for at least 1-2 days. Assuming they were fresh mussels to begin with. Especially, if the dish was properly salted.

        1. Great question, as I planned to make mussels and have any leftovers the next day. Is it possible to reheat without a sauce and without a tough, inedible product?

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            Thanks for your responses! I am thinking of tossing them with pasta today. I figure I will heat the liquid straight through, then toss them in at the very last minute, then toss it all with hot pasta. I am hoping that should get them nice and warm without ruining their texture. I don't know how one would reheat them without sauce. I was thiking about making a fritatta,for which I would not use the liquid, but hubs nixed that idea. I am wondering if anyone has tried preparing leftover mussles that way though.

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              leftovers could be good cold and marinated in a vinaigrette, maybe tossed in panzanella or other salad.

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              They're best reheated in liquid. Reheating "dry" will give you a "tough, inedible product".

            3. They'll definitely be just fine for a couple of days. In fact, you can even remove them from their shells & freeze them in whatever liquid/broth you cooked them in (or they emitted) to use at a later date to add to a soup, pasta, etc., etc. I do that all the time.