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Mar 20, 2013 06:38 PM

Craft Beer Lovers - Input Please

Looking for a new venue for my Monthly Pint group. Would prefer something in St. Paul or on the East Side. We need a nice selection of beers on tap (The majority being craft beers.) Our group's events average 200 guests so there needs to be space for most of us. A friend suggested Shamrock's but I've never been and completely clueless. Thoughts?

My most recent Pints were held at The Hole near the U of M and The Liffey in St. Paul. Tomorrow night's Pint is at Gabe's - not a fan. There was no event in February. So, I need to make April's Pint, extraordinary. That's why I'm turning to all of you:-) Thanks so much.

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  1. Shamrock's isn't a bad place for burger and pint or two, but they don't offer too much for the craft scene other than some of the standard imports and a few regional craft beers on tap. It'd be along the same lines as the places you mentioned above for past events, except with good wings and burgers.

    How about the Happy Gnome? With a group that big I'm sure you could reserve the upstairs, which is only open to the public on Wednesday nights, otherwise it's just used for private events. They have 76 craft beers on tap and a pretty impressive bottle list. Food is also generally pretty good.

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      Thanks for everyone's input. We've been to the Happy Gnome but it just didn't work well for us. It was a bit spendy and I don't know... the socializing just didn't happen as much as other venues.

      We do not do a buyout. Also, not all 200 people show up at once. However, it has become a challenge as this group has grown and flourished so much since its inception. That's good and bad. lol

      So, I'm still searching... If you have other ideas, I'm still listening.

    2. 200 people. 200 people?

      Are you doing a buyout?

      Most of the places noted in your 2011 request are still relevant now.

      1. With that many people you pretty much have to kill a few craft kegs. I feel bad for the person that randomly strolls in, but kudos to keeping the craft movement alive. I still can't believe under 10% of sales are craft beers. Insane.

        I dont get how I have a friend that drinks craft beer and mich golden light. Its like buying filet and lunchables in the same basket.

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          It's only 10% because not all small brewer craft beers are so great (especially with the massive numbers of new brewers jumping on the bandwagon).

          Given that it is becoming more apparent that 'craft' is really just a marketing term, you really shouldn't overlook some of the specialty offerings from larger's best to keep an open mind and not count out the big brewers. They're beginning to turn out more and more products which are every bit as worthy as the best of the small brewers.

        2. The fireplace room at the Happy Gnome comes to mind, but that thing is not cheap at all.

          1. +1 for upstairs at Happy Gnome. A no-brainer.