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Mar 20, 2013 06:02 PM

Making Fried Oysters at home (NYC)--How to Buy Oysters?


I'd like to make a batch of fried oysters at home. What type of Oyster available in NYC Markets would be best? Must I buy unshucked oysters and shuck at home? Or can I get a container of shucked oysters (doesn't seem as fresh to me, but I'm open to advice).

I can season, coat and fry from there. I'm just unsure about the oyster buying process. Thanks for any advice.

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  1. Just trolling the latest posts and noticed yours. Long distance advice from Houston, watching a moon special now and every tenth word or so is Houston, anyway down here I'm buying a quart already shucked tomorrow as water temps are rising, 60 now and rising, This will be the penultimate oyster event until December. Unless you're a master shucker, I'm pretty good, buy them shucked, and I'd still slurp a few raw. Shucked ones last a surprisingly long time, up to two weeks by us yahoos in Texas, although I try to limit it to 10 days. Please share your dish.

    1. Okay - I'm in VA (but a born & bred NYer, but that doesn't make any difference).

      I make fried oysters at home all the time. Buy a quart or a couple of pint containers of shucked oysters (prefer the larger "specials" rather than the smaller "standards" - specific variety doesn't matter), & then just drain them, dredge them, & pan fry them. No problems, & they're always delicious.

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        I am a master fish fryer, very good at shrimp, but the fried oysters lack, not bad although I do a great panned one. Thoughts?

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          Well, if you're already a "master fish fryer", but your fried oysters are lacking, I'd start experimenting with your coating/breading/batters.

          I only pan-fry seafood - no deep-frying for me.

      2. Unless you have a real need to shuck fresh oysters, I'd buy a container of shucked; drain, season, coat and fry and enjoy. Check the "sell by" date on the container and get one with a sell by date as looooong in the future as possible.

        1. In California, Costco sells pretty good shucked oysters. After you fry them, doesn't really matter. I usually just dip them in seasoned corn meal and fry at 365 degrees, and they come out great in Po Boys.

          1. I have been pleased with the half pints/pints of shucked Willapoint oysters from Washington state, and they seem to be widely available.