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Nice Patio breakfast in Santa Monica/Westside?

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Friends coming over from the Valley on Saturday..looking for good American breakfast menu with a nice outdoor area - any suggestions?

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  1. Patio at Barney Greengrass

      1. It won't get any more beautiful than the Hotel Bel Air. However, one needs serious deep pockets to have their breakfast. Cora's Coffee Shoppe serves wonderful breakfasts in a patio, but alas,no reservations. Thankfully, they are opening in Brentwood soon as CafÉ Brentwood. Barney's is good, has a terrific outdoor patio with a view and honors reservations

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          Love Barney's Greengrass, Polo Lounge is realy nice.

        2. Cora's in Santa Monica.

          3 Square in Venice.

          Tavern is almost a patio.

          I think Villetta is open on Sunday - beautiful place too.

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          1. Kreation on Montana has a nice, but small, patio.

            Omelet Parlour on Main Street has a big patio and a big American breakfast menu.

              1. The Georgian Hotel on Main in Santa Monica serves traditional American breakfast fare on its front veranda with a lovely view of the ocean.

                Also, Ocean and Vine in the Loewe's Hotel has a great view. Check out blackboardeats.com for a 30 percent discount for lunch.