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Jun 9, 2006 08:13 PM

Touring CA

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My wife and I will be touring in CA during July. Looking for recs for dinners in following towns:
Stockton, Crescent City, Eureka, Ft. Bragg, Bodega Bay, Carmel/Monterey, and Yosemite [staying @ Wawona].
Also would love some scenic spots for lunch along Hwy #1. Also anybody know anything about Klamath Falls,OR?

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  1. ron, please post a new topic on the Pacific Northwest board to ask about Klamath Falls, as Oregon chow is discussed on that board. Thanks.

    1. Ron, if you post your route, it will be easier to advise. Are you driving, or motorhoming it? What highways, etc.

      Dinners only? and what kind of meals, or price range? are you adventurous?

      the more specific you can be, the better.

      If you are going north on 1, Crescent City is an outpost, and a barren one at that! I'd advise stopping in Eureka and Arcadia where there are lots of places to eat out and stock up on chowish provisions. Search these areas and you'll come up with lots of threads! Also a cafe in Willits keeps getting mentioned. Look for it.

      sounds like a heckofa vacation trip!

      1. The cafe in Willits is Ardellas on Commercial street (one block off 101 east) cinnamon buns for days, the best food for lunch and dinner.

        I like to hit the breweries on this trip. It is Northern CA beer country.

        In eureka is the Lost Cast Brewery. Great pub food some different things and mead on tap too. Some of the best of the Norcal beers. Indica is a personal favorite.

        In Fort Bragg try the North Coast Brewery. Great food (not just pub grub) but the best beers in the world according to the beer people. Old rasputin Imerial Stout is to die for, makes Guiness seem like Coors light! they have many other fine ales on tap.

        In Santa Cruz (Half Moon Bay) try 3 Amigos. IMO the best taqueria ever. I love their tacos and cannot get enough.Not fine didng put great casual food (right on 101 at the sounth end of town).

        the Brewery in half Moon bay is pretty good, better on the food than the beer if I recall. Great view, room.

        Yosemite you must go to the Awanhee Sunday Brunch. it is the only way you can get in casual wear to the didng room the food is great. The best room ever for a meal and the fresh trout and salmon are great.

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          Ardella's in Willits is temporarily out of business. The owners are moving to a larger restaurant space on Main Street just around the corner from their present location on Commercial Street. I don't know when they plan to open their restaurant. But they used to be open just for breakfast and lunch only, no dinners.

          A good dinner place in Willits is Purple Thistle, located on the west side of Main Street, south of Commercial Street. Great fish dinners. And good fish and chips, too.

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            I have never gotten the appeal of Tres Amigos. I keep trying it and I keep not liking it. The last time I had Carnitas Tacos and the Carnitas were more like stewmeat. BTW, Santa Cruz is 45 miles from Half Moon Bay and Tres Amigos it is on Highway 1 and Kelly in Half Moon Bay, not 101.

            I will go along with you on Lost Coast

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            No. CA Foodie

            You're on a similar path to one we've been on...

            Crescent City: There's a place that resembles a greasy spoon down on the wharf...The Chart House, I believe. It was plastic of any kind; There was another place right off Hwy 1, but inside a residential area (sort of); can't recall the name, but it was 2 story and white in color - the food was good and service "homey." By the you enter town from the south, there's a place on the left that has a sea-petting zoo kind of thing. Well worth the time and minor admission fee!

            Yosemite: Ditto on the Ahwannee. All lunches are casual; Sunday brunch has a special reputation. Even if you don't eat there, it's worth the's incredible!

            Eureka: I'll second North Coast Brewing, and the recommendation to try their Indica. A few blocks away is a little place named Hurricane Kate's. 4 of us had a great dinner there, and there's a charming gourmet kitchen shop right across the street that has classes!

            Monterey: Passionfish is highly recommended here. Stay out of Lattitudes. It was a huge disappointment, even if it's on prime real estate.

            Fort Bragg: Heads up on NO plastic in this village as well. Years ago we had a fabulous dinner at the Cliff House; wharf dining at Cap'n Flints was good if you like fried foods; we've been to Carrine's Fish Grotto a few times...lovely folks and big servings! I still want to go back and try their cioppino! Family run, Italian style...and very friendly! Now...I found info on a bed-breakfast and dinner house in FB, Rendevous Inn and Restaurant, that sounded fabulous, and is where I want to go while we're there this year. By the way, the Pacific Star winery is north of town by 10-15 miles on your right. Incredible view and nice wines as well.

            Hwy 1: If you're headed up that way, why not take a tour up Avenue of the Giants? Make a little stop in Myers Flat...Taste of Humbolt has a dinner house adjacent to the tasting room.

            Have fun! Sounds like a great trip!

            1. Near Stockton: I would recommend Wine and Roses in the town just north of Stockton called Lodi. It's a fabulous place with a great ambiance and fine dining. Wine and Roses is also a Bed and Breakfast and hotel. It's beautifully landscaped and they have a fantastic Sunday Brunch as well.

              There are a lot of great wineries in Lodi (more than 25)Many other wine regions of California buy their grapes from Lodi growers. If you have time, visit some of the wineries in this area. A quick taste can be done on the corner of the Wine and Roses property sits the Lodi Wine Visitors Center where you can sample wines made from Lodi grapes. They charge a small price. . .The wineries themselves do not charge and it's fun exploring the Lodi Wine Country.

              Have a wonderful trip!