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Mar 20, 2013 02:33 PM

Sorting by oldest topic first not working

So all of a sudden, all my threads are sorting with the newest response on top. I always had it organized as oldest response on top but all of a sudden it changed. When I try to change it back, it says "error" where the clock button to change it is.

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  1. OK it appears to be working now.

    1. The button should be working again now.

      We've tweaked the post sort-order to make it behave more consistently and let logged out users choose their sort order.

      As a one-time side effect, this unfortunately reset the setting. To return to oldest-first post order, just click on the clock button that appears just above the replies to any discussion. Our apologies for the inconvenience, and for the brief error with that button.

      1. Thanks jj, I thought I was losing my marbles. :)