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Mar 20, 2013 02:09 PM

Sauce to serve with roasted chicken other than pan sauce or gravy?

I love roasted chicken, but SO has requested perhaps a different sauce out of the usual pan sauce or gravy. Roasted chicken is so great on its own, but I think a play on the traditional might be nice. Do you have any favorite sauces?

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  1. What are you thinking to serve it with? Maybe something like a pesto cream sauce or a chimichurri type thing...

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      I'll likely just serve it with roasted asparagus so any sauce should work. These all sound like great ideas!

      1. Start with a veloute using your chicken drippings and make a mushroom sauce, maybe with some Marsala.

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              I think this is the winner for tonight becuase I'm a mushroom freak and love Marsala. However, I've never made a pan sauce. Do I just pour of the most of the fat from the drippings, add butter and mushrooms to the fond and saute, then add broth, wine? Do I need flour to thicken?

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                You make a "veloute" basically the same way you make a bechamel or "white sauce", only using stock (like chicken stock) in place of the usual milk. In this case you could sub in a bit of Marsala in place of some of the stock, & fold in previously sauteed mushrooms.

                If you have a basic general cookbook on hand, it should be able to give you basic amounts & instructions.

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                  You could use a little flour, as Bacardi said, or you could reduce the sauce by cooking it on medium high heat till it's thickened up some.
                  And yes, pour off some of the fat first, if there's too much of it. A couple tablespoons is enough to leave in the pan.

              2. I love a dijon cream sauce, but my husband hates mustard, so I often serve pesto, chimichurri or another herb-based sauce with roasted chicken. I like it with tzatziki, too, or a tahini-based sauce. You can also add pretty much anything you like to a "pan" sauce - for instance, I like to deglaze with white wine, reduce, then add a little creme fraiche and chopped herbs. Still a pan sauce, but elevated.

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                  That's the second little gem I'm plucked from you today. I have never done anything with tahini but make hummus. Care to expound on that sauce idea a little? Please.

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                    I usually just improvise something with tahini, lemon juice, a little water, garlic, herbs etc. to taste, but here is a recipe from Epicurious that is a good starting point:

                    I rarely use as much oil as that recipe calls for, though, and I like to add a bit of yogurt, usually, for some extra creamy tang.

                2. While not a sauce per se I loved hot pepper jelly with roast chicken.

                  Raita is also nice with roasted poultry. As is chimchurra.

                  I make a nice apple gravy. Its great with roast chicken, roast turkey breasts and with pork. I sauté onions and chopped apples in the drippings, add about 4 TBS of apple cider vinegar, scape up any brown bits and let that cook down until it is syrupy. Then add about a cup/ cup and half of chicken broth and let that reduce by half. Remove from heat, taste for seasonings and add S&P as needed and then whisk in some butter. Really good!

                  In terms of making a traditional pan sauce I think you could do a twist using different flavors/spices. Lemon/dill or lemon/tarragon would be nice.
                  Maybe a balsamic reduction with shallots?