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Mar 20, 2013 02:02 PM

Corporate Event Help - Ideas


I have a bunch of 7 figure executives coming in from California for a meet and greet with a team of about 50.

They want to do an "event" Our team generally goes bowling or bar crawl. That's not what they are looking for. They are looking for something with food, drink, and something to do that's not quite as loud or intense as bowling. Any and all ideas welcome? It has to be in the loop or near the loop. The equivalent going to a baseball game (rooftop) type thing. Thought about Shedd, and other museums but they want something interactive. Complete pain in the butt.

In the burbs I was at an event where the restaurant had make your own steaks and had a grill that supported like 20 people at a time. I think something like that is the target. Investigating Second City now. Somehow they want they want something "Chicago" it's the first week of April.

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    Skating in the Sky @ John Hancock is awesome, perfectly Chicago & ideal for visiting Californians.
    Then, put 'em all in cabs (they are used to driving) for a trip over to the Publican.
    Let the mayhem resolve itself over beers & great food.
    Who cares if you can't all sit together?

    1. My son's company had an event at a location somewhere on the near northside for about 30 people where they went to some sort of professional kitchen, broke into teams and actually cooked dinner together, under the tutelage of a professional. If that's of interest, I'll see if he remembers the name of the place.

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          Could be. It was a couple of years ago.

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          Chopping Block in the Mart has a large commercial kitchen that's great for large groups. They can do a "Top Chef" style competition where you compete and eat the spoils (plus beer/wine). For a Chicago touch maybe ask if you can do a deep-dish pizza competition?

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            I think this may be where my son's event was held.

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              >> Chopping Block in the Mart

              FYI - this is a reference to its location in the Merchandise Mart, a large commercial building right across the river (and an easy walk) from the Loop.

          2. >> The equivalent going to a baseball game (rooftop) type thing.

            You can rent a skybox at a sports venue for the evening, complete with food/drink. The following teams have home games the first week of April:

            Blackhawks - April 1, 4, 7
            Bulls - April 5
            White Sox - April 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

            And there's Whirlyball!

            You might also try searching the web for "corporate team building activities Chicago". Some of the links you'll find include this one for "10 Chicago Teambuilding Activities for Corporate Groups" - (although I'm not so sure about the trapeze school, LOL!). Most such activities can provide catered meals if they're not already associated with a food venue.

            1. THANK YOU everyone! I'll keep working it.