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Mar 20, 2013 01:41 PM

Good vegetarian restaurants

Anyone been to some good vegetarian restaurants whether it be in montreal or Laval doesn't matter. I'd prefer a higher class restaurant. Ive been to one on st martin Laval i believ ist called le comensal it was good but it was kinda buffet style and works well for lunch instead. So any suggestions would be great thanks.

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  1. Bonnie's on Notre Dame west of Guy. Aux Vivres on St. Laurent north of Mont Royal. Chu Chai on St. Denis near Duluth. And of course you can go to any good Chinese or Thai restaurant and eat vegetarian dishes to your heart's desire

    Also do a search here using the word 'vegetarian'.

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      Panthere Vert
      Burrito Ville
      Lola Rosa
      Every indian restaurant
      Casa del Popolo
      La Lumiere de Mile end

      to name a few

    2. My take on a few vegetarian restaurants in Montreal (bear in mind, though, that I really don't care for Commensal - mostly because the buffet-style thing turns me off, but also because I have the feeling all of their dishes taste the same. It may also be worth mentioning, for what it's worth, that, as far as I know, Commensal is now flexitarian, and not strictly vegetarian.)

      I have recently discovered Aux Vivres, and I fell in love with their Dragon Bowl (I liked the tempeh version better than the tofu). The sauce is fantastic. The rest of the menu did not look all that interesting to me, but mainly because they have a lot of sandwiches and burgers, and I'd prefer to have more bowl options (they have three beside the Dragon, but the others didn't appeal to me because of the sauces/dressing they use).

      Crudessence was a nice surprise. I wasn't too sure of what to expect before trying it, and I admit I really liked it. I tried a lot of different dishes. Some were a lot better than others, but I guess it depends on what you like and how adventurous you are. The whole raw-food things sure does make things interesting if you're not already familiar with it. One nice thing there is that they serve wine, which is not the case in some (if not most) vegan places.

      Burritoville is good; the food (mostly burritos, as you may have guessed) is hearty, but it's not high end at all. So probably not what you're looking for.

      Yuan does a really good job with mock meats, IMHO. But then again, this has to be something you're comfortable with (and I know not all vegetarians and vegans are). They have a great lunch deal though (all-you-can-eat for around $13, if I'm not mistaken).

      Su Shian Yuang has a nice Taiwanese lunch buffet. The main advantage, comparing to Commensal, is that they're always replacing the food, so it is always warm (and not just lukewarm). Never been there for dinner though.

      I hear Chu Chai is quite good (and it definitely looks nice from the outside!) but I can't attest to how good their food is, as I've never tried it.

      All of these places would work if you're vegetarian or vegan, I think.

      The most "high class" of these would probably be Crudessence - but be prepared to pay accordingly. I mean, you can have their veggie burger only, and get out of there having spent only a tad over $10, but if you're looking for a 3-course meal, you should probably be prepared to spend some $40-50.

      If you're not strictly vegetarian or vegan, there are obviously many other restaurants where you can find "vegetarian" options but they are usually adapted versions of other dishes (i.e. a meat dish minus the meat), so not always great as a whole meal (most veggie burgers I've had outside vegetarian restaurants sucked, for instance). You must also always bear in mind that a lot of these so-called "vegetarian" dishes being served at "regular" (omnivore) restaurants are not really vegetarian, as a lot of them still contain some kind of meat broth or are sauteed in animal fat, for example.

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      1. re: alinemramos

        I think the most high class of these actually would be Chu Chai, nice table cloths, good food, full bar, lots of mock meat. Other upscale places with vegetarian options are some of the Indonesian places like Nonya and Mia Tapas. Su Shian Yuang is great for dinner although more expensive than for their buffet lunch, again a fair amount of seitan. No alcohol though. Miga just a few doors down will make a vegetarian version of any of their dishes and is also bring your own wine.

        1. re: Plateaumaman

          Although I do like Chu Chai, I've only ever left hungrier than when i started.

          By the way, I think their next door bistro is a BYOW

          1. re: catroast

            I've only ever done their bistro. Headed there tomorrow night for our anniversary dinner!

            Their website doesn't say, but how late are they open?

            1. re: Peaches to Poutine

              According to their FB page, they're open till 11pm, which sounds about right, given I was there last night and left at about that time.

      2. Does the restaurant have to be vegetarian (there are relatively few here) or can it be a restaurant that has (dependable) vegetarian options? There is a very good vegetarian plate at le Petit Alep (Syrian) and other vegetarian options, and several vegetarian options at Kaza Maza (also Syrian, more mezze style).

        The problem with Southeast Asian restaurants for strict vegetarians is that the otherwise vegetarian food can contain fish sauce or sambals, sauces prepared with dried fish, shrimp, or crab. This can be an issue if there are communications problems.

        Also a part of the Casa del Popolo empire, La Sala Rosa across the street, a Spanish place with far more vegetarian tapas and mains than would be found at other Spanish places here.

        There is a very good South Indian restaurant in the Côte-des-Neiges area (Plamondon métro), Thanjai. It is MOSTLY vegetarian (but there are a few meat, fish and poultry dishes served).
        Thanjai Restaurant
        4759 Ave Van Horne
        It is a bring your own wine (byow, avv) resto by the way.

        All the above places know what vegetarian means and will take your dietary preferences seriously.

        1. Thanks everyone ill definitely check these out :)