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Mar 20, 2013 01:36 PM

veal shanks for osso buco

Does anyone know where to purchase veal shanks for osso buco?


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  1. Cosetta's had them the last time I was there. I'm sure many of the co-ops and other butchers might too. I'd call anyplace before driving just to be sure.

    1. Buon Giorno, Clancy's, Lund's, even Von Hansen's (if you call in advance to request them).

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      1. re: Brad Ballinger

        I will try Buon Giorno since that is in my neck of the woods... I have tried a few Lunds and Byerlys and have not seen them but have also realized some stores have a broader product selection based on location/size

      2. You can get them at Hackenmuellers if you call and make sure they have them....sometimes they do. I get short ribs there but have to ask for them.

        Had it at 112 and it was delicious a few weeks ago. I might try making them at home too.

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        1. re: brlattim

          I have never heard of Hackenmuellers.... sounds interesting enough though! Will have to google that one. If you get to it before I do, I hope they go well for you

          1. re: cramcrkr

            Its small by physical layout but they do a lot of volume. They generally have 4-6 staffers at any time helping customers. They are very helpful when it comes to naive questions or what to do with this cut of meat type things. It might not hurt to call ahead, but I have found this to consistently be the best butcher shop value in the cities.

            Your idea first. I will wait :-)

        2. I have ordered veal shanks from Hagbergs in Lake Elmo and was very pleased. It is a combo gas station/grocery/butcher shop on Highway 5. The people are very helpful and accomodating and along with their fresh meats they also have a nice assortment of house made sausages.