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Mar 20, 2013 01:19 PM

Shabbat dinner at Chagall this Friday

This Friday night, Chagall Bistro in Park Slope, together with Congregation Bnai Jacob, is hosting a communal Shabbat meal, at a cost of only $30 a person. Desserts and Drinks are being sponsored by an anonymous donor, in honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's 111th birthday, and in memory of Rabbi Shaya Gansbourg (Yeshaya ben Rasheh). Mincha at the shul is at 7:00, and the dinner at the restaurant will begin at 8:30.

Reservations are being accepted until Thursday evening, and should be made with , and paid for with paypal.

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  1. This attracted about 40 people. The meal started (after kiddush and hamotzi) with chummus and guacamole to eat with the challah. The guacamole was a very bright green, looking to my eye rather like plastic, but it was tasty. I think it had lime in it. The chummus was also delicious.

    The first course was a mixed green salad, and baked salmon. The dressing on the salad was interesting; the only thing I definitely identified was mustard.

    Then followed a delicious soup, which turned out to be plain carrot and ginger, nothing else. I've had carrot ginger soup before but somehow this seemed better.

    The main course was a large portion of nicely done chicken, with mixed grilled vegetables, and rice that was spiced with herbs de provence, shitake mushrooms, and "a japanese sauce". We detected a hint of lavender, which would be from the herbs de provence.

    Dessert was some sort of dough with thinly sliced apples on top, baked and caramelised.

    The first wine put on our table was Zmora, which I think is horrible, so I asked to exchange it and they gave us instead a Uruguayan wine, 60% merlot, 40% tannat, which is a grape variety none of us had ever head of before. We all agreed it was quite nice, and one to keep in mind for the future.

    For $30 it was a good dinner, and there was plenty of it (seconds were offered on the salmon and dessert, but the firsts were more than enough). They said that after Pesach they'd be expanding the menu.