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Mar 20, 2013 12:59 PM

Baltimore: Pit Beef and easy access from I-95

I thought I had saved a past discussion on this but can't for the life of me locate the darn thing - so apologies if this has been addressed a million times before!

I should be passing through mid week around lunch time while driving to New England. The past mentions of pit beef have been intriguing and I'd love to give it a try! Brick and mortar or food truck - as long as it is easily reached and has safe parking nearby I'm game!

Thanks! Looking forward to your suggestions.

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  1. Chap's is like 1 minute off 895.

    1. Pioneer Pit Beef is very good. It's just off 695, about 10 miles from where 95 and 695 meet.

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      1. re: OldSchool

        Maybe 10 miles as the crow flies. Google Maps says it's 16 miles each way. You're talking probably 45 minutes of just driving from 95 to Pioneer and back. OP asked for convenience to 95, Chap's is the only option.

        1. re: hotel

          Normally I'm game for a detour. This trip is already going to be 12+ hours of driving alone. Plus I'm unsure how much the congestion around DC & NYC will add to the road time.

          So Chap's looks like a perfect fit. Plus their hours allow for some wiggle room on my part!

          Is there a traditional way to order this sandwich? On Chaps website the photo looked like onions and horseradish sauce were the toppings - which sounds quite good to me! The fries and gravy have tremendous appeal but that might leave me in such a food coma that I never make my destination!

          1. re: meatn3

            You have to tell them on what kind of bread and how you want the beef (rare, medium rare, medium, etc).

            There is a condiment bar with small containers at Chaps. A lot of people like Tiger sauce which is a horseradish sauce. I like horseradish and onions. Before you put stuff on taste the beef and see - at some places it even needs salt although not as Chaps as I remember. I go there on my trips to Philadelphia - easy.

      2. Pioneer is good, but Chaps is WAY more convenient. Exit off Pulaski Hwy and you're right there.

        1. I arrived at Chaps in time for a late lunch today. I had the beef, medium rare, on a kaiser roll with tiger sauce. Oh my! That beef is so tender and delicious. The only part of the experience I wasn't thrilled with was that I didn't order extra for my cooler!

          There was a bit of a line when I arrived. That made me a little nervous since I was running late due to unanticipated road work. They have such an efficient team that my order was ready in no time!

          Thanks to all of you for steering me to such a tasty spot. I totally get why pit beef is spoken of so longingly!

          Edit: The pickle chips were really nice and garlicky!