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Mar 20, 2013 12:51 PM

VT: Manchester and surrounds - dinner for a solo diner?

I'll be in the area in a few weeks for a workshop. I'd appreciate recommendations for reasonable priced dinners for Fri. and Sat. nights. I'm fine with eating at the bar and chit-chatting but not looking for a pick-up environment. :-))

I prefer to experience a meal which captures the "flavor" of an area but if a great Chinese place is your suggestion I'm game!

I'd like to stay at $30 or less. It that covers a cocktail too even better.

I'm covered for breakfast. I'll probably get lunch at the venue.

I have a car and provided the roads are clear am not adverse to a 30 min. drive.

Thanks! Looking forward to your suggestions.

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  1. I'd recommend eating at the bar of the Dorset Inn, about 6 miles north of Manchester on Route 30. Find out which night Patrick will be at the bar and you won't be lonely. The food is solid and the room will make you feel like you are in VT.
    In Manchester, I'd suggest can bring your own wine and the owners are very friendly. You can also eat at the bar at Thai Basil...good food and nice vibe.

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      Thanks so much for the varied options. These look like I'll be able to find something that appeals whatever my mood is!

      The sandwiches at Ponce have me reconsidering my lunch options - perhaps I can pick up my lunch on the way to the workshop in the morning!

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        Nancy- thanks so much for your suggestions!

        I had a really nice time at the bar of the Dorset Inn. Patrick (two local people mentioned him too) was not working but the staff who were there were terrific. The weather was cold and nasty but the bar was warm and cozy. Food and drink was quite good. Ended up having a wonderful conversation with another solo diner. A completely pleasant evening!

        Ponce very graciously accommodated my sandwich order to-go on a quiet evening. That became a delicious lunch the next day at my workshop. While waiting I succumbed to one of the luscious pastries displayed on the counter. It was really nice.

        I had heard of The Downtown Grocery in Ludlow and planned a dinner there. As I started up the incline in the snow I decided it didn't seem like one of my better ideas. Me + driving in snow is not a good mix! I ended up at Garlic Johns. Not a "must try" but they did a decent and tasty job of it. Service was quite nice and fellow diners (a very quiet night) were friendly. Ended up in the bar with staff and a few other diners and had a great time closing the place down!

        Also tried the donuts at Mrs. Murphy's. They were really good! My sausage egg sandwich was ok. It had been recooked and heated in the microwave (I could see). Honestly, McDonald's is better for that. But the donuts were terrific!

        A few of my classmates ate at the Dorset Inn (and stayed there) and seemed equally as happy. One of them had dinner at The Reluctant Panther and enjoyed it.

        As a side-note- I was able to sample some cheese from Consider Bardwell. They were delicious!