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Mar 20, 2013 12:45 PM

North Beach (Ramada Plaza Marco Polo)

Hi All,

We will be staying from next Thursday-Saturday (inclusive) in North Beach. I am hoping to get some good recommendations for food in the area. We do get a car with our hotel so we don't mind a drive if it is under 15 mins.

We are open to anything but we especially like seafood, cuban, mexican, food trucks. Open to a variety of budgets from low end to higher end.


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  1. The first thing that comes to mind is Hiro's Yakko San, not to be confused with the other Hiro nearby.

    1. Just a little geographical clarification: the Ramada Plaza Marco Polo is in Sunny Isles Beach - not North Beach. "North Beach" isn't actually a real municipality or anything but is used to refer to the northern part of Miami Beach (i.e., from around 62nd Street to about 85th Street). The Marco Polo is about 100 blocks, and about 5 miles, north. Then just to make things even more confusing, "North Miami Beach" IS a municipality which is roughly parallel to Sunny Isles Beach, but on the mainland side (i.e., NOT on the beach).

      Anyway ....

      Very close by you have Timo and Chef Philip Ho. Not very far at all you have Hiro's Yakko San and Bourbon Steak. For more suggestions, check this thread and those linked within it, or search "Sunny Isles," "Aventura" (another nearby city) or "North Miami Beach"

      1. Agree w/ all suggestions. Also like Seagrill in the Intracoastal Mall on 163rd St. close to your hotel for Greek cuisine. Apps are very good, friendly service and there is an outside patio on the water. Have enjoyed their fish entrees. Avgolemono soup is excellent. Yakko San is in the same mall. I love their kimchee hot pot. Petit Rouge at 12409 Biscayne Blvd. has very good French food and is small so reserve if you plan to go. It is also further afield probably 20 minutes away. Little Havana is at 12727 Biscayne w/ representative Cuban food but go to the real Little Havana neighborhood on SW 8th St. to get a more authentic experience.