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Mar 20, 2013 12:33 PM

Gefilte fish hunt

I've gotten frozen, uncooked gefilte fish in past years at Shaws in Porter. They don't seem to have it this year. Has anyone seen it in the Medford/Arlington/Cambridge/Winchester/Woburn area. I've pretty much unsuccessfully checked out the possibilities in Lexington/Bedford. (I'm trying to save myself a trip to Brookline.) Thanks....

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  1. I went fishing in the Charles the other day and caught a very nice gefilte fish. ;-)

    1. Ask the manager at the Lexington Stop and Shop to order some for you from one of the other Stop and Shops, or at least tell you which of the other stores has some in stock.

      1. Most Russian stores make it around Passover, and it is really good, but they are in Brighton and Brookline.

        1. Inna's Kitchen in Newton may have it.

          1. Plenty in the freezer at the Central Sq./M.I.T. Shaw's in Cambridge. Ungar's brand.