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Mar 20, 2013 12:30 PM

Delivery or take away in Rome, staying in Monti neighborhood

We will be spending one week in Rome with our 20-month old daughter, who goes to bed at 7 pm, right when most restaurants are opening for dinner. We probably will be eating a lot of pizza and sandwiches at lunch, so I am hoping to find restaurants that will deliver to our flat in the Monti neighborhood, or where we can take away some delicious meals. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. A wise choice; at least that plan worked for us when our children were that age. I don't know of any place that delivers, so I'll leave that to the Rome residents. Mia Market in Monti might be a good place to pick up some prepared foods and presumably will be close to you. Other good options, depending on where you'll be during the day, would be Roscioli (both bakery and restaurant) and Volpetti, if you'll be in the Testaccio neighborhood. You can always pick up a nice roast chicken from a rosticceria.

    Just as an FYI--many, though certainly not all, places serve pizza in the evening only and not at lunchtime. I would consider having the main meal at lunch and lighter fare in the evening, at least part of your visit.

    1. Delivery is not common in rome. Gaudeo delivers delicious sandwiches and if you have to, daruma sushi does, too. I would make lunch the main meal like lisa suggested and have picnic-type dinners at home. You can buy excellent supplies when you are out and about in town.

      1. Probably should ask other parents travelling with infant children. Remember there is a significant time difference depending where you're starting from. For example Rome is 5 hours ahead of Toronto time. So you can't count on the normal sleep schedule.

        1. There are lots of great take-away spots in Monti, but few actually deliver. But at least one of you can head out to forage, while the other stays home with sleeping babe, right?

          -Le Carette, Via Madonna dei Monti. They have take out pizza. You go in, and order, and they make your pizzas to go while you wait.

          -Lasagnam - a new place, which has take out lasagna that is actually pretty good.

          -Gaudeo (Via Boschetto) and Zia Rosetta (Via Urbana) both do excellent gourmet sandwiches.

          -Auromaticus - small but excellent selection of salads, soups and steak tartar, all possible to take away.

          -If you're feeling like something ethnic there is Sitar (Indian, Via Cavour) and Daruma Sushi (Via dei Serpenti)

          -A bit further away, but worth it if you stop by earlier in the day to take home is Roscioli (the lesser known one of Via Buonarotti)

          -Mia Market - (Via Panisperna) has nice grain salads and soups.

          Hope this helps!

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            Isnt there a big supermarket now on Via Cavour? Italian supermarkets are well worth exploring for "semi-prepared foods and just another taste of the lifestyle. We've had a lot of bread, salumi, cheese (many from the local supermarkets) and salad or veg dinners in our stays in Rome apartments.

            Depending on what part of the Monti neighborhood you are in, Panella is not that far away - its been a few years since we visited,but they had prepared foods such as lasagna and crespelle in addition to many bread and pastry specialties (not cheap)