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Mar 20, 2013 12:02 PM

Vegetarian/South Indian for Lunch in Artesia

Good afternoon. I am still mouring the loss of Woodlands. Their lunch buffet with a dosa was one of my favorite lunch break treats for years. Looking for feedback on viable replacements. I love the idea of Rajdhani, but every time I have gone, a good number of the dishes served were way over my admittedly low tolerance for spice. Thanks.

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  1. Bhimas
    18748 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, CA 90701‎ (562) 809-3806

    Jay Bharat
    18701 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia, CA 90701 (562) 924-3310

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    1. re: suvro

      Thanks for the suggestions. I had been to Bhimas one time in the past. The food was not memorable (as evidenced by my lack of memories). What does stick out are my memories of the odd black light fantasia thing going on with the decor. I felt like I was dining in the back room of a Spencer's Gifts. I do remember having a much better "meal" at Saffron Spot afterwards. I will give Jay Bharat a shot soon and report back. Thanks again.

    2. Have you tried Udupi Palace yet?

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        I like the rava masala dosas at Udupi. I always get the filling on the side. Friends like their Chaana Bhatura.