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Mar 20, 2013 11:03 AM

Special Sunday Birthday Lunch or Dinner Spot in Milan

Hi, I will be in Milan on Sunday, April 28th with a group "girls" to celebrate the birthday of one of the woman in our group. We are travelling to Milan especially for this occasion so we want to make sure that her birthday is truly memorable. We will probably spend the day in the Centro Storico since we have tickets to see the Last Supper at 4:30pm. Need recommendations for a traditional Milanese Lunch/Brunch restaurant or an authentic Milanese restaurant for dinner where we can sample the local specialties. We don’t want to be rushed so suggestions of restaurants where we could lounge and enjoy the food and great company would be wonderful! I have been through the boards and Cantina della Vetra seems to be a good contender and they have brunch on Sundays! Any other suggestions from Chowhounds welcome.

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