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Mar 20, 2013 10:42 AM

Need Gluten Free near St Ben's on norh side for baptismal luncheon

My daughter is being baptized at St. Ben's on Irving park 4/28 and we need a place to have to luncheon that serves GF as the godmother is GF. We have around 13 adults and 7 kids ( 2 of the kids are GF as well)

Any ideas? I know Maggianos offers a GF menu but dont want to have to drive back into the City if we don't have to.

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  1. Senza is a new all-gluten-free restaurant in Lakeview, about three miles from St. Benedict Parish. You'd need to call them to see if they can accommodate your group at the time of day and day of the week you need.

    However, you should be able to get a special gluten-free meal for one person in a group just about anywhere. Since St. Ben's is in North Center, I'd try calling restaurants nearby, like Sola and Browntrout, to see what they can do to accommodate your group including the one gluten-free meal. Both are only a few blocks away.

    1. Bread and Wine is a little further West on Irving (less than 2 miles) and has a nice brunch with clearly marked gf options on the menu.

      1. Gluten free options that can handle a crowd within a reasonable distance:

        Wilde (3130 N Broadway) -- lots of gluten free options, including bread+rolls for sandwiches/buns, and gluten free mac and cheese. Sister restaurant to Lady Gregory's in Andersonville, which also has lots of GF options.

        La Villa, at approx Irving Park and Pulaski, has GF pizza (prefab crust) + pasta. I don't think their food is very good, though.

        Chicago's Pizza (multiple locations) has excellent in-house GF pizza dough that can be used for thin/deep dish/stuffed/calzones. They also have a couple GF desserts and GF focaccia for sandwiches.

        Monti's at Lawrence and ~Rockwell has GF pizza crust (prefab) and GF rolls for their cheesesteaks. Might be tough for a larger crowd because of the seating arrangement.

        Sabatino's on Irving Park near Kostner has GF pasta available.

        All of the LEYE restaurants are very good about GF, especially if you give them a day or two warning, but none are terribly close. Also, lots of italian restaurants carry GF pasta but don't advertise it -- call and ask. I've also found that most restaurants are happy to accommodate if you supply your own GF bread/bun for a sandwich -- either using your bread or sending the filling out on a piece of lettuce.

        Hope this helps.

        1. You can also try Wishbone on Belmont and Lincoln. They do have some gluten free options and should be big and experienced enough to cater to a larger group.

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