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Mar 20, 2013 10:40 AM

Overnight guests- quiche, frittata or baked eggs?

Hi there- I am having a group of 10 adults for an overnight stay in a few weeks.

I am all set with dinner, but it is breakfast the next morning that I am having trouble with. I don't want to run out for bagels, do eggs on order or be doing a ton of cooking in the morning (possibly before others are awake)

I have cinnamon rolls already frozen - ready to be defrosted overnight then baked at 375 for 30 mins or so, then iced.

I want to do an egg dish (but not something sweet like a french toast bake) with a simple green salad to go along side and maybe have someone bring a fruit salad if we are feeling ambitious.

But my question is- do I make a quiche ahead of time and stick it in the oven with the cinnamon rolls to heat up? and if so can I freeze it ahead of time and defrost in the fridge overnight?

Or do I make ramekins of baked eggs? Or is a frittata a better bet?

I would love any thoughts at all!

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  1. I like Fritattas, & you can start it on your stovetop while the rolls are baking, then finish it in your oven while the rolls are cooling.

    Just cook any Fritatta ingredents that need cooking ahead of time, & just add them to the beaten eggs the morning of. Couldn't be simpler, & will be so much fresher than an egg dish made the day before & reheated.

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      Another plus for fritattas is that the vast majority of them are just as tasty at room temp as they are piping hot.

      For me, an omelet has to be hot from the pan, not insipid. But fritattas just seem much more agreeable temp-wise.

    2. Fritattas are so easy! I love doing them. And quick to prepare.

      I made one recently with peppers I roasted myself, chopped and sauteed spinach and mushrooms and goat cheese and bacon bits. It was lovely. Also, you can do them in large muffin tins for individual servings.

      1. Baked ham and eggs cups are easy and could be popped in the oven when the cinnamon rolls comes out or cooked along with them.

        Line muffin tins with black forest ham, crack an egg into each cup, sprinkle with parmesan and back until the white are barely set and the yolks are still runny. You can also add a layer of sautéed spinach or caramelized onions.

        If you do make a quiche and plan to freezer i would suggest a crustless one to avoid the sogginess issue. It can go right into frozen.

        I also think bacardis idea of frittatas is excellent.

        1. If you google overnight breakfast casserole or strata, you'll get loads of things like the following:

          I hadn't made one of these in some years til our grown kids and their babies were visiting recently. A hit and could not have been easier.

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          1. re: c oliver

            Overnight breakfast casserole is our go-to when we have over-night guests. Pop it in the oven when you wake up and you're done!

          2. With 10 servings to consider, you'll probably need to use 2 pans for fritattas, which is only a deal breaker if you don't have space to finish in the oven.
            Other considerations are a strata, which can be totally assembled the night before, and an egg casserole, which can cook for a while as you do other stuff.
            I like the portioned presentation as seen in my pic below: