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What to order at Le Ka?

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I'm going tomorrow night for the first time and would love to get some suggestions. The reviews from the prior thread and on Yelp have been mixed about the food, but would love to know if anyone has been recently

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  1. I went in January - loved the escargot. That is a definite winner, in my book. I wasn't impressed with much else. The gnocchi they serve with the escargot is wonderful.

    1. other than the bread pudding which was a diff but not bad take on the classic, everything i had was borderline awful (but yes, edible). stay away from the uni porridge and the cod. bone marrow is decent but only w/the garlic flan...they like to serve their marrow super pink and chunky (not my cup o tea).

      1. I've had the octopus, which was great. The head cheese + chicken liver pate were both solid, and the merguez was tasty enough.

        The fried chicken was well seasoned w/ a good crust, but white meat (Jidori) was a bit dry.

        This was about a week ago. Stay away from the food kitsch (uni porridge, bone marrow anything), and you'll be fine.