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Mar 20, 2013 10:12 AM

Pickled Hot Italian Peppers for Hoagies/Grinders

I need a recipe for the pickled peppers inside Italian hoagies. I had a sandwich this past weekend that keeps appearing in my dreams and I want to make my own. I can't find a recipe that sounds authentic. This had pickled peppers, maybe a bit of tomato but not much, red pepper flakes. Not overly sweet just well balanced, and lit you on fire for a moment but quickly subsided. It was AMAZING. I'm in Texas and everyone says try pickling jalapenos but that was not what I had at all. I'm new so if this post is in the wrong place then my apologies. Still learning.

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  1. Hi there! Welcome! If you post your request for a recipe on the Home Cooking board you'll probably get more response. That's where most of the cooks hang out.

    I love those hot peppers but cave in to buying them in a local Italian salumeria. Good luck with your search.

    1. There is a recipe for Italian Giardiniera in The Whole Chile Pepper Book, which calls for "fresh chiles of choice." I agree that jalapeno is the wrong choice. Perhaps wax.

      1. thanks! can i move this post or do I have to copy paste and delete?

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          We moved it for you. Any time you see a post that should be on a different board, whether it is yours or someone else's, you can always Flag it for us, and we can easily move it.

        2. For mildly hot peppers, look for Italian pickled "Pepperoncini"; for much hotter, look for pickled "Hot Cherry Peppers". Cherry peppers come in both hot & sweet varieties, so make sure you get the hot.

          Both can be found in most mainstream supermarkets - either in the pickle/olive aisle, or the gourmet foods aisle.

          Oh goodness - my bad. Just realized you wanted to make your own. Oh well. Perhaps tasting the above will give you an idea of what to aim for - lol!!

          1. It wasnt really either of those, but it wasnt what I understand Giardiniera to be either. This was a homemade relish. No oil, just vinegar.

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              The giardiniera recipe is just pickles: water, salt, and vinegar with chiles and some other vegetables. Just leave out the other vegetables and you have pickled peppers

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                Pastene makes a hot pepper relish sauce that only has chopped hot red peppers, in salt and vinegar... plus a lot of preservatives, but perhaps you can experiment and create your own. The thrill of the chase and all of that...