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Mar 20, 2013 09:45 AM

Scarlett Begonia dinner? [Santa Barbara]

Has anyone tried dinner here? I couldn't find any reviews.

Also looking for any other dog friendly recs for breakfast, lunch or dinner, thanks.

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  1. Haven't tried dinner but have read some very good reviews about their dinners when they schedule them - this place can not do anything wrong in my opinion, so it is worth a try.

    Most places now in SB that have outdoor tables are dog-friendly - seems the city now either lifted or ignores any health regulations regarding animals in dining establishments. (outdoors)

    This has been a topic discussed in the past so if you can do a search you can find specific restaurants who go out of their way to welcome four legged friends.

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      I just reserved for dinner and will report back.

      I've read through the past discussions and it's not the lack of dog friendly places but the sheer number that's confusing me :)

      1. re: PattyC

        Patti - glbtrtr is correct about the vast puppy friendly restaurants in our lovely town of SB. It might be easier to help you if you could mention some cuisines you enjoy and are looking for during your stay.

    2. Dinner was excellent and my dogs appreciated the homemade biscuits! Will post some pics and details when I have more reliable internet.

      Breakfast at Renaud's was good too.

      We're up in the Monterey area now.

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        Lucky you, you hit the best of the best and had beautiful weather too. Thanks for the report.

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          Thanks for the report PattyC. Good to know you had an excellent dinner and dog friendly! Enjoy your trip up north.

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            Sorry for the delay. The cottage where I was staying had spotty wifi and work has been busy since I got back. Here are my pics from the dinner. We had the popcorn shrimp, earth and sea, shepherd's pie, east coast lobster and the marquis for dessert. We really didn't know what to expect and were pleasantly surprised. My only minor quibble would be that I felt the texture of the popcorn detracted from the first dish. Otherwise, we thoroughly enjoyed everything. We ordered a la carte but they also do 3 or 6 courses in smaller portions. You actually choose from the ALC menu with the 3 course being 2 starters and one main. I forgot what the 6 course consisted of since I wasn't really considering it.

          2. Just wanted to chime in that I went to Scarlett Begonia for dinner on Saturday and had a great time. The menu may have been more or less the same as when PattyC went, but if that first image is the popcorn shrimp, it looks very different now.

            Anyway, I had oysters, scallop ceviche, earth and sea, popcorn shrimp, the east coast lobster, and the coconut pot de creme. I was hoping to have the risotto but they had run out for the night. The only thing I didn't enjoy so much was the rice mochi that came in the earth and sea dish.

            I was so impressed with Julienne last year that I was worried that I would regret trying something new on my annual trip to Santa Barbara, but Scarlett Begonia really hit it out of the park on so many levels.

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              Need to make sure readers know this restaurant is in Santa Barbara since the thread title and discussion did not take note of location. Thanks for the follow-up report. We are lucky to have both these new contenders in our restaurant scene. That being said, I can pitch for my own recent visits to some of our local classics too: Harry's for steaks and Garrett's for breakfast - both old school, but that speaks for itself. Glad we still have both choices in this town. (Santa Barbara!)

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                Here is the version of "Popcorn Shrimp" we had. Spot prawns on grits with a chermoula sauce and a fried prawn head. Awesome.

                Sorry about the poor lighting. We sat outside.

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                  Mouth-watering just to look at it. Scarlett Begonia does things just right. Thanks for the photo.

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                  Yes that first pic was the popcorn shrimp at the time. Glad you enjoyed it!