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mexico in thousand oaks

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why has'nt anyone gone to the latina market on thousand oaks blvd
it the bomb, walk in and feel like your in old mexico. great tacos and I would
think it is a 4 out of 5. come and varify by taste

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  1. Address please? I like to try it out..

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      711 east thousand oaks let me know what you think

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        711 thousand oaks blvd let me know what you thinki

      2. It may be the sister market to this one, but I think this is actually the one posted about.

        Latino Market
        711 E Thousand Oaks Blvd
        Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

        1. Will get the address and post it, but is about1/2 mile west of rancho blvd in to can't miss it

          1. Been there!!! Used to go to the Crossfit a couple doors down and would head there after a workout. awesome awesome carnitas!!!

            1. I had been to the Latino Market in Thousand Oaks once before, but I forgot about it. Thanks for posting, DFox.

              We stopped by tonight for a quick dinner. I had several of their mini-tacos asadas. They were topped with chopped onions, a generous amount of cilantro (one can never have enough cilantro!!) and tomatillo salsa verde. I squeezed limes on all of them.

              YUM! The steak was well-chopped and not greasy at all. I think it was grilled and not pan-fried, which allows for the meat to drip and dry out a bit. The corn tortillas were heated perfectly; they remained soft but were served hot.

              There were only a few other diners at 6:00pm and the staff was very nice to us. Someone came by while we were eating and asked if everything was okay. We were very happy!

              The tacos were about $1.50/ea...very reasonable. The only thing I wanted was a salsa bar; there was one, but it was empty. I don't know if they fill it for lunch. But when I requested more tomatillo salsa, the lady at the grill smiled and offered me a generous portion. We also purchased a container of it in the market.

              One of the servers mentioned that they have carts on the sidewalk in front on Thousand Oaks Boulevard on weekends. While I do not have all the details, he did mention that they serve until 1:00am! That surprised me because there is no one awake in this part of town at that hour!

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                I just looked at my receipt and I will correct myself: my tacos were $1.19 each!