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Mar 20, 2013 09:12 AM

Food and Drink in Salt Lake City and Park City for 5 days

We will be in Salt Lake City and Park City next week for a ski trip, and I am putting together a list of restaurants and bars to try while we're in the area. We will be skiing most days so we usually skip lunch, opting for a quick breakfast on the way to the mountain instead. Here is my list so far. As you can see, we usually opt for more mid level price points with the food being the focus. Any other suggestions are welcome! For reference, we are coming from the NYC region.

Restaurants in SLC
-Red Iguana
-Park Cafe - brunch
-Lucky 13 - do they really have the best burgers?
-Copper Onion - we normally think New American is overrated for the size/price. is it worth it?

Drinks in SLC
-Squatters (also in Park City)
-The Bayou

Restaurants in Park City - any other suggestions?
-Tarahumara - worth the drive?
-No Name Saloon

Drinks in Park City
-St. Regis bar - is this the best splurge lodge drinks experience?
-High West
-Stein Eriksen bar

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    1. I'd add Vinto to your PC restaurant list. I also love Butcher's Chophouse for apres ski drinks and appetizers.

      Tarahumara - It's good food and it might be fun for you to see a little bit more of the area. The Heber Valley/Midway area is gorgeous....but it's where I live so I'm biased ;-) Tip - sit on the cantina side if everyone in your party is over 21. Sometimes the main restaurant side can have a "Chuck-e-cheese" feel (so many kids!). Don't order the Corona bottle bucket! The bottles are tiny. They have Dos Equis on tap, get a pitcher.

      High West - I love their cocktails!

      I'm not a huge fan of Squatter's Park City location, I much prefer the SLC one.

      I am a fan of the Wasatch Brew Pub. I usually sit upstairs.

      The No Name Saloon is really fun. I always get the buffalo burger.

      The last time I was at St. Regis I felt the service was lacking. That was a year ago, however.

      I hope you have a fantastic time!

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        Thanks! How is the Stein Eriksen bar vs. the St. Regis bar?

        1. re: krystle920

          I've never been to the Stein Ericksen bar, unfortunately.

      2. How was your visit and dining experience? I hope you had a great time!