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Mar 20, 2013 08:33 AM

Newbie alert!...Tampa's best Banh Mi&Pho?

OK, I'm an avid 'hound reader but dont post as often as i should =) but have had some great food as a result...anyhow, I'm in Dunedin and wanna know where can I find a good/best banh mi and also a bowl of this pho you speak of! Pinellas or Hillsborough preferably, thx Chowsters!

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  1. I like Saigon Deli, on Waters just west of Dale Mabry. If you are willing to venture out into Pinellas, though, the absolute best Banh Mi is from Thuy Cafe on US Hwy 19.

    1. Try Pho Quyen at the intersection of Sheldon and Hillsborough Ave. (Sheldon, when it crosses Hillsborough Avenue, becomes Memorial. So you could call it the intersection of Memorial and Hillsborough.) I think that the broth has some flavor, unlike some pho

      1. I have been on a search for the best pho for awhile, although I rarely sample banh mi mainly due to lack of room after slurping a large bowl of delicious soup. My favorites so far are Jade Bistro and Mekong in St Pete. Both have very good broth which is the whole point in my opinion, although Jade Bistro has a little nicer atmosphere and culantro which, for some strange reason, is rare in this area. I still have not made it to Pho an Hoa in Tampa, but have high hopes due to the fact that I read the chef from The Refinery is there once a week. I can say I have tried most of the others and my third choice would be Pho Quyen in St Pete and Hillsborough. I believe they are all owned by the same family. I did visit the Hard Rock Casino's Noodle Bar last night and it was not worth the ridiculous price of $12 for a bowl of under seasoned dishwater they served.

        Please let me know how your search develops and perhaps follow up on this thread: