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Mar 20, 2013 07:52 AM

Cheap Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk in Toronto (Downtown)

Hi everyone!

I recently ran out of my large supply of Thai Kitchen coconut milk that I stocked up on during a massive sale. I'm wondering if anyone has specific suggestions where I could find this product (specific brand) in Toronto (preferable downtown) or Newmarket (or really close to the 404 highway). I'm hoping for something under $2 per can.

Any help would be appreciated!


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. nope, but I'm curious why you need this exact Western-marketed brand when there are so many tasty cheap authentic Thai versions in little Asian groceries.

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      1. re: Jay3fer

        From the one's I've tried, I've enjoyed the flavour the most. If you have any other brands you'd recommend that only include coconut and water that are cheaper, I'd be happy to try them!

        1. re: coconutfan2013

          this is found at T&T, Foodymart, etc, 100% coconut milk.

          The thai kitchen stuff you buy has guar gum in it, it's not pure coconut & water as you state.

          I personally prefer chahok, with mae ploy coconut cream second.

          1. re: aser

            Thank you for the suggestions! I have not liked the flavor of Aroy D but I will try Chohok and Mae Ploy in the future. Do you know any cheap places in Toronto where I could get them? Thanks again!! :)

            1. re: coconutfan2013

              This past January Loblaws Bayview Village had them at $1.29.
              Most of the time I use the frozen coconut milk (less sweet) from the Phillipines. Package of 454g or 16oz is $1.49 - $1.99 at T&T.

              What's your opinion on Rooster brand? The cooking class at Loblaws recommends them. They go on sale periodically at No Frills.

              1. re: knusprig

                Aroy D is one of the better one's IMO. Its on sale at $0.99 at T&T this week for a 400ml can. Otherwise usually the Sobeys and Loblaws have a promo every once in a while at their No Frills and FreshCo every now and then.

              2. re: coconutfan2013

                The tetra pak aroy-d is different than the canned one, it's all natural.

                Go to the supermarkets I mentioned in my previous post.

                1. re: aser

                  Thank you everyone! I'll be trying out some of these suggestions! :)

                  1. re: coconutfan2013

                    aser's suggestion is the best one. I also happen to know it's what they use at khao san road (or once did at least). The canned Aroy-D seems to come in a few grades with the best one I've found being 70% coconut milk and the rest water with no thickeners or preservatives. It is very good as well with a thick layer of coconut cream typically. I usually just toss the small watery component.

                    1. re: pizzatheorem

                      Thanks! I just tried the Aroy-D (60%) and it's quite tasty! It's a bit chunky though and separates quite easily.