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Mar 20, 2013 07:05 AM

One Last Place in NOLA

Our daughter graduates from Tulane in May and we are planning one last trip there. It is bittersweet as we have loved visiting each and every time. We head into town on Thursday night, which is also my birthday. I would like to have a special meal that night before all the family arrives and it get crazy. We have done Galatoire's, Commander's Palace, Cochon, Brigstens, Bon Ton Cafe, Dante's Kitchen, Lillette, and Domenica. We are planning a luncheon at Antoine's. Thinking about doing Dooky Chase but also considering August. Just wondering what the chow hounds thoughts would be.

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  1. That's a helluva jump between Dooky's and August in terms of what kinds of places they are. In my world, a birthday/"farewell" meal would be a more formal affair and of those two I'd lean toward Ausgust. On the other hand, if you don;t think you'll get back to town for awhile then you might want to load up on the stuff that you cannot get elsewhere. Cochon might fit that bill well although it wold not be as relaxing as CP or Galatorie's in my opinion. Just a different sort of place.

    You could gang up, too. On a recent junket we hit Luke for oysters, ran by Cochon for headcheese, and then on to our regular dinner. The snacks did not ruin dinner since tehy "present no bulk" and we lingered over cockatils for a good while anyway.

    1. You don't mention either Herbsaint or Bayona in your list; both are generally well regarded (I personally prefer the latter, especially outside in nice weather). Not that there's anything wrong with August, of course, I'm just trying to make things more difficult.

      I like Hazelhurst's idea a lot ... we do that sort of thing often (this is why my scooter has a sidecar: it's harder to tip over). Someone here mentioned ending up at Bacchanal at the end of her multi-stop evening, that's a mighty fine idea.

      That said ... with the kid out of school just think of the money you'll have available for coming back to visit!

      1. For a possible "farewell" to the City, and the birthday, I would not hesitate with Restaurant August. Do let them know the special occasion.

        Enjoy and travel safely,


        1. August is ... well, down to earth elegant, if that makes sense, and for a special event like this one it's just the place. There are tons of wonderful choices, but for an all around reminder of what dinner in New Orleans is all about, you can't go wrong there. You're greeted and treated well, and the food is really fine. Enjoy and congratulations!

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            I agree completely. There are just some places, that are suited for "special events." Another, for us, is the Grill Room at the Windsor Court Hotel. Though there have been some changes (and then changes back), they have impressed us, after our very first visit, that is. Still, almost two decades of memorable meals, do count.

            That said, Restaurant August bout probably be my "go-to" location, for a NOLA "special occasion." Do not hesitate to tell the staff the occasion.



          2. Thanks to all for replies! I have about decided on Bayona. We are footing the bill for a reception for lunch on Saturday, so I figure Bayona might be a little less costly than August. We will go back and maybe do August when it is just the Hubby and me!