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Mar 20, 2013 06:37 AM

Anyone familiar with the Chefman Electric Hot Water Pot?

I've googled it and it doesn't come up at all. The box states that it's "manufactured for Shabbos distributors" and that it has Shabbos Mode.
I bought it at Amazing Savings for $40. I like to give them my business whenever I can, but I also don't want to have lukewarm coffee on Shabbos.
Has anyone used one of these?

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  1. Shabbos mode on ann electric hot water pots means that if you lose electric and the water gets cold, it will not reboil.

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    1. re: aarongz

      Thanks, I know about Shabbos mode.
      I wanted to know more about the quality of the pot itself. Will it last or will it break quickly, and how well it makes hot water?

    2. Hi I also saw this hot water pot at Amazing savings today and also tried getting info and couldn't find anything. Just curious you said you bought it how is it did it survive the year? Any info you have would be appreciated.. Thanks

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      1. re: a.h.

        Embarrassed to say I haven't used it. We ended up going to a relative for Pesach, so I'll use it this year.
        I like Amazing Savings so much all year, that if this turns out not to be so great I won't mind.

        1. re: helou

          Thanks! Afraid to buy from this type of store, don't think they will take back if it doesn't work out! Let me know how it works :)

      2. We have one and it's fine. Water is hot, even with child milk added. Actually, I find the temperature to be hotter than my older model Keurig. The past I really love about it, though it's when you add cold water to boil there are no steam clouds coming out the back. This always caused me to be concerned about a possible stream burn, our ruining my cabinets. Overall, imho, a great buy.

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        1. re: ettilou

          Awesome Thank You! Just curious how long have you had it and do you keep it on all the time or...?

          1. re: a.h.

            I'd say we've had it for about 6 months, or so, and it's left on 24/7. I do descale it about every 2 weeks, and use filtered water. My only gripe is that if my husband and I each have 16 oz cups of tea or coffee, we can only get about 6 cups pumped out. Yes, we could use smaller cups, but we enjoy the 16 oz cups....

            1. re: ettilou

              Yes, so do I with the big cups! It pumps nicely etc?

              1. re: a.h.

                So that is a good point actually. The auto press button, which can't be used on shabbos, is great. The manual press is just ok. When the pot is full to about 3/4 empty it's ok to bothersome. The difference being good much water is left in the pot, the less water, the more of a pain to pump it out. That said, it's not so much of a pain that I got a new one. Just comparedto the eease of the electric button, it's a pain. All in all, it's totally worth the $35, that's what I think I paid a year ago when I bought mine. If I had to rate it, during the week, 5 stars, shabbos 4. The size is a bit small for my needs, like I mentioned previously, but that's my issue :-). IMHO, still a great deal.